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Level 120 Upgrade Quest (after “Elements Of War Patch”)


You may or may not remember my old guide about the level 120 upgrade quest. It was written in a time of awe, when bosses were bosses, grass was greener, women prettier and the air cleaner than today (at least that thing with the air is true). Now the developers have changed and tweaked the quest thoroughly, making it fairly easy. I wrote this article after I finished the upgrade quest on 2012-07-29 with Claudiana, my staff main, alt. She was in level 120 then, which is not that surprising if you think about it.

What To Bring

  • 30 Multi-Hued Jewels
  • Rainbow Soul Stone
  • Shiny Soul Stone
  • Colourful Soul Stone
  • Medici Platinum Box
  • Your arrow skill has to be at 10 or higher.
  • You must have 200 fame points (you have probably thousands of them – you get them from fighting in the Free League or Colosseum League).
  • For the boss fights bring resurrection scrolls, awakening scrolls and if you want to have fun with your melee chars, guardian stones of recovery for the ones who can hold it.

Your formation

You can go with your usual formation. There is no need anymore for monks or empresses. It may be helpful to have a mercenary who can holy guard but it is by far not mandatory. I did pretty well without it. My formation was like this:

Beast Trainer Viking Spearman
Artilleryman Witch Janissary
Staff Main Oracle Rin

My TBS team was well equipped, the other guys got what I found. In the video below I disclosed the exact gear. One item in particular was very good: the officer’s shotgun+10 that my janissary wielded. Rin was very useful: she let shoot my janissary twice when her Empowering Control was active.

General Quest Outline

The quest takes place mainly around the Mysterious Saloon. The Quest NPC is Boorchu. You will also be sent to Jelme. There are two other quests around there, which you can do more or less simultaneously. But contrary to earlier times I don’t recommend it. While the quests are both ok reward- and xp-wise, the time you invest to do them is more wisely used for TBS missions which will give you even more reward and xp.

You will fight 6 bosses: the Diabolic Swordmaster, the Diabolic Guardmaster and the Diabolic Highpriest (also known as “Holy Bitch”), and then the Tiger Lord, the Nether Prince and the easiest of them all, Noshi, the end boss. Ok, you fight 4 more bosses, but they are so ridiculously easy that I don’t mention them here. There will be quest crafts to be done, so plan your crafts accordingly.

The Quest Steps

Note: I have abbreviated quest steps where you have to use an item which you get from the quest itself as “Use” and steps where you have to read documents as “Read”. The column “No” means “number of quest step”. Numbers preceded by “B” are Boorchu’s quest steps as given ingame in “Game Info/Quest”. I let you figure out for whom “J” may be the abbreviation.

No What to do What to get
B1 Kill 3 Enraged Savages in 10 minutes 4.25 M xp, 3.25 M gold
B2 Answer Inn Owner question. The answer is: Yayul 500 k xp, 750 k gold
B3 Use 500 k xp, 750 k gold
B4 Bring 30 Multi-Hued Jewels 6.25 M xp, 2.75 M gold
B5 Go to Jelme 500 k xp, 750 k gold
J1 Deliver letter (you got it just before from Boorchu) 500 k xp, 750 k gold
J2 Loot 20 Bursting Arrows from Ferocious/Violent Gunsmiths in Saloon 1F 5 M xp, 2.25 M gold, 300 Poisonous Arrows
J3 Raise Arrow skill to level 10 525 k xp, 725 k gold
J4 Loot 15 Crimson Horse-head Jade from Soldiers in Saloon 1F 5 M xp, 2.25 M gold, 10 Life Potion V
J5 Read 500 k xp, 750 k gold, 2 Base I Passes
J6 Kill Diabolic Swordmaster 8 M xp, 5.25 M gold
J7 Talk to Boorchu 500 k xp, 750 k gold
B6 Loot 15 Evil Seal Scrolls from Monks 5 M xp, 2.55 M gold, 50 Purification Scrolls (No Trade)
B7 Read 500 k xp, 750 k gold, 2 Base II Passes
B8 Loot Chung Rang Seal Scroll from Diabolic Guardmaster 10 M xp, 6.25 M gold, 5 Stimulant V
B9 Go to Jelme and quest for Khan’s Stone Vase there 500 k xp, 750 k gold
J8 Deliver letter (you got it just before from Boorchu) 500 k p, 750 k gold
J9 Loot 10 Morin Khuur from Monks in Saloon Annex 5 M xp, 2.25 M gold, 20 Enhance Stones IV
J10 Have 200 fame points 525 k xp, 725 k gold, 2 Headquarter Passes
J11 Loot Qoai Maral’s Soul from Diabolic Highpriest 12 M xp, 7.25 M gold, 10 Life Potions V
J12 Quest Craft “Ancestors Language” – see below 5 M xp, 2.25 M gold, 1 Phoenix’s Equipment Box
J13 Go to Boorchu (with the vase) 500 k xp, 750 k gold
B10 Kill 3 Diabolic Instructors in 15 minutes (in Saloon 1F or 2F) 4.25 M xp, 3.25 M gold, 3 Ringleader’s Room Keys
B11 Read 500 k xp, 750 k gold, 3 Nether King’s Annex Passes
B12 Quest Craft “Assault Mask” – see below 8.75 M xp, 8.5 M gold, 5 Growth Vials (No Trade)
B13 Use 1 Medici’s Platinum Box 725 k xp, 2.575 M gold
B14 Use 500 k xp, 750 k gold
B15 Loot Borte Chuno’s Sould from Noshi 19.5 M xp, 21.75 M gold, Holy Warrior’s Soul Stone

Quest Crafts

1. Ancestor’s Language

You need to fight four low level bosses and loot them. With those items you craft the Ancestor’s Language. You don’t need other items than the looted ones. The bosses are: Xiyu Shaman (Ruins Of The Yellow River, Indoor Garden), Naraka (Mohenjodaro Graveyard, Naraka’s Well), Tiamat (Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Tiamat’s Palace) and King Khufu (Valley Of The Kings, King Khufu’s Burial Chamber).

2. Assault Mask

You need the three Soul Stones (Rainbow, Shiny, Colourful). That will probably make a deep dent in your purse. If the time is bad you may well spend a billion gold for all three Soul Stones together – the Rainbow one is usually the most expensive. You need also two other items. For them you must fight the Tiger Lord and the Nether Prince. The game will tell you where exactly you can find them (chances are, young one, that you have never fought those before, TBS pampered as you are…).


After you have finished the quest you can level up directly. But to upgrade you must use the Holy Warrior’s Soul Stone (that is: clicking with the right mouse button on it).

Noshi, the end boss, has two forms: first a wolf, who can’t hit anything really, and then a snake, who can’t hit anything either. Both have no magical attacks and their physical attacks are quite harmless. The two bosses you have to fight elsewhere (Tiger Lord, Nether Prince) are nearly as strong and (not so) difficult as the three bosses in the Mysterious Saloon.

And here is the promised video. The video shows the boss fights against Diabolic Guardmaster (Boorchu step 8) and Diabolic Highpriest (Jelme step 11). There is no special strategy involved, the video should only show you what can be done with what equipment. If you can mentally live with your melees dying a lot you can even use worse gear. The shotgun of my janissary I have bought because of TBS – I am pretty sure that you can survive quite easily with a +4 osg as well. I am so sure because Fritz did…

9 Comments leave one →
  1. Ascorbic permalink
    30.07.2012 01:55

    You can earn some fame points in the Sparing Hall in Rome, but it’s a tiny amount compared to fl/cl. Just a thought if you’re only missing a couple, it’s not league time, and you’re in a hurry :)

  2. 30.07.2012 04:27

    200 fame points – if you haven’t them in level 120 you don’t deserve to upgrade. And that from me, an insworn pvp hater…

  3. Lyn permalink
    01.08.2012 05:26

    My friend and I are at step J12 at the moment, and we were surprised at how easy it was. Steps 0 – J12 took us just one gaming session with breaks in between for RL stuff. The Assault Mask part is what I’m dreading at the moment, because I just bought a pair of wings and now I am broke. :( Bad timing on my part, but the price drop was too hard to resist. Very awesome guide, thank you again for sharing it with us.

    BTW, hope you don’t mind my asking, but as a Cannon Main, is there anything post-120 upgrade I should prepare myself for? The extra skill Smoke Bomb seems like a letdown. I didn’t like it on the Cannoneer (which is why I skipped him and kept my Arty instead for DI), so pretty sure I don’t want it on my main. Also, my friend is an Axe Main and doesn’t know which skill to take after her upgrade, and we’re fans of your blog, so any suggestions would be really appreciated.

    I have so many questions actually, but definitely don’t want to spam your blog, haha. Thanks again!

  4. 01.08.2012 08:24

    Claudia, my cannon main, has taken Smoke Bomb only to increase her might. That was important for a while because of Spelltower. Nowadays Spelltower is very unprofitable, so I would recommend to take no new skill but wait until the cannon A mercenary is available. Rumour has it that a cannon main can get his aoe-skill which is allegedly awesomeness quadrupled.

    Axe main: Beast Soul. I think there is no question about it ^^

    • Lyn permalink
      02.08.2012 16:15

      Thanks a lot! Will skip Smoke Bomb and just look forward to the 130/140 upgrade skills. Will also let my friend know about Beast’s Soul. Is it still feasible for her to get it even if she plans on getting a Druid later?

  5. Prince permalink
    01.08.2012 11:46

    Why not Cleaving Blow as Axe-Main?

  6. LaraCraft permalink
    03.08.2012 19:25

    how about staff main what is the best magic to get at lvl 120 ?
    and thx very much for the great site :D

  7. 04.08.2012 17:36

    @Prince: If you don’t want Beast Soul but prefer Cleaving Blow – by all means, take it. Personally I dislike skills who randomly trigger. They tend not to trigger if you really need them.

    @LaraCraft: I am completely clueless. Some take Princess’ Order. Some take Blazing Earth. Personally I haven’t decided yet for Claudiana. I need level 70 (later 80) for flame blow and brutal will, so there are not so many skill points left anyway.

  8. Wonko permalink
    16.08.2012 05:36

    Cleaving on Attila triggers almost without fail in tbs (unless she is sealed, for instance in africa missions with those little white guys who use f-atmos). I presume the same is true on axe main (in raids it appears to hit consistently, but I admit I haven’t been paying enough attention to say for sure). That doesn’t mean I’m convinced it’s better than BS, though.

    Frankly, I have never thought “gosh, I hope cleave doesn’t miss.” or “darn, cleave didn’t hit.” or “thank goodness cleave hit.” It’s just not a fulcrum skill like dev shell or FB or any of the Will skills.

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