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As I wrote in another article I am starting to get annoyed by Nexon because of their bad, bad service. But there is now a new danger lurking around the corner: a better game. Or not, many games are said to become Atlantica Online’s doom, and then they weren’t. But it is the first time (for me) that I am actually thinking about going over to another game. And this game is: Guild Wars 2. So from August 25th onward I will take a break, and it depends from the quality of GW2, how long this break will be. After all, I still do play mmorpgs for fun and not as a duty :)

That said, Fritz is level 131 one now and Claudiana level 123. For the time being I have no new video projects. All missions are covered except The Spirit God. That is a mission my main character, Claudia, can only solo quite messily and still with a chance to lose. For blog purposes that means I can’t offer you a video. You would only learn that I cannot solo it nicely and that is a thing I won’t like to show you. In fact, because it is so messily I have erased The Spirit God from my weekly schedule.

This article may be changed radically in the future. If you comment be advised that texts which you relate to may be altered or even erased.

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  1. Avieta permalink
    25.10.2011 08:00

    It’s a great blog) i have read it with dictionary cause i’m from russia. In russian there is no such info. Very useful.
    Thank you a lot.

  2. Avieta permalink
    25.10.2011 08:04

    And what a misery in russian Atlantica online. We don’t have gold& silver coins as rewards. Instead we have enchant stones IV & V (((

  3. Jose permalink
    25.10.2011 08:39

    Hi again Claudia. Your blog is really great. I will miss your post till new big content or new TBS coming….
    But maybe, meanwhile, you have any info to share about new incoming gear, pegasus, maybe about the required mats or leveling of craft for do it…
    Or can you give us your worthy opinion about what rings to use (I saw you have spearmaster +10) but what about new rings for cannon Main?

    Always is nice to hear from you. I would like to say that now I solo TBS mission (up to summoning the wing) that, before knowing your blog, even didnt try because I thought I was going to fail them by sure….

  4. DavidByron permalink
    25.10.2011 19:39

    If you figure anything about the TBS AI and specifically what causes some enemy mobs to attack and some not, that would be very useful.

  5. Firnis permalink
    28.10.2011 11:19


    That’s not true. You get the chest’s as a reward, from which you can get the coins. (I’m also playing on russian server)


    Your blog is really helpful, thank you.

  6. Avieta permalink
    30.10.2011 18:50

    That’s not true. You get the chest’s as a reward, from which you can get the coins.

    With a chance, But i can have book instead of coins or any other crap. All rewards below 115 are crap. Noone takes boxes from it, only enchant stones.

    • Firnis permalink
      30.10.2011 21:52

      I believe that on USA’s server you also have a chance to get other crap (as you called it), instead of coins.

      The only difference is that you can’t choose enchant stones anymore, after spelltower patch (which only god knows when we shall get).

  7. 31.10.2011 16:56

    On the US server the random boxes are quite good, actually. I think even slightly better than the original boxes.

    • Connings permalink
      25.02.2012 20:12

      i dont get it, u mean its better the all random boxes than choosing the all safe coins?
      if u do u r like the very only player in the world who does so, since the box changing patch, all ive seen (in the 2 servers i own chars) is ppl complaining about it.
      as even u have shown, u get less money, all comes to luck (100/200 coins)
      uve made a very helpful blog, and i really dont think u have smt to do with nexon, but saying smt like this, even after proving statistically that we r loosing money is what makes some people think u have.
      thx again for ur blog

    • 25.02.2012 22:16

      Please note the date of my reply above.

      When I made this, prices of heavenly crystals were at 10 M (now 4 M). Alchemist’s Stones were at 30 M. Now of course prices have deflated (which many players wanted) and the value of the random boxes have declined. At least the nominal value. On the other hand Gold Coins were at 2.7 M per piece (now 3.5 per piece).

      So now the value of random boxes is less than the value if we could choose 10 (or 20 in case of Africa) Atlantica Gold coins.

      A completely different matter is if it was good to introduce these random boxes (whether they are worth more or less than the gold coins of old). I strongly believe that this is the case. Now 50% of all drops are Gold Coins, 50% are goods. That is good because on the one hand the amount of gold (coins) increases but also on the other hand the amount of things to buy. That fights inflation. Of course Nexon wouldn’t be Nexon if they did all things right – the drop table of the random boxes leaves a lot to wish for. But that are mere details compared to the huge inflation which actually took place after the Troy patch, and which is now more or less over. Atlas increases a bit (12 M before introducing random boxes, now a bit more, but not much), equipment decreases (evil is cheaper than ever before), so at large you can say the market is in balance again.

  8. dong permalink
    01.11.2011 22:03

    I’m a player from Indonesian Servers, I love to do TBS mission since it was patched. In my experience, a lot of TBS mission I can’t do it solo ( in squad mode ), with low plus (+) in weapon n equipment, +3 and lower, although it was phoenix and DG, Fleeing Betrayer is the only TBS mission I can do solo in squad mode.. I have a cannon main (lvl 127)

    I have sheriff,hwarang,oracle in enough lvl and equipment.. but not more than +3 phoenix and DG… rings that I used are 2pcs endurance +5 and +4 for main.. and +4 for merc…

    maybe you can give me an advice..

    your blog is very helpful, keep up a good work.. :)

  9. 02.11.2011 13:06

    If you can solo Fleeing Betrayer you sure can solo at least the 2 lower Alishan missions (Alishan In Ruins and Reclaiming Arishan) and the Black Forest Depot mission. Reclaiming Alishan and BFD are both better in terms of rewards than Fleeing Betrayer. I can’t give you more advice though than I do in the articles about these missions (and in the corresponding videos). I think when I can solo a mission with my lowbie musician main you should be able to do it twice as well because your gear is superior compared with my alt’s.

    • dong permalink
      15.11.2011 19:06

      in Indonesian Server, we are still don’t have Alishan TBS implemented, maybe next month we will have it implemented.
      I’m still learning how to do Solo TBS mission in squad mode, my major problem is how to hit the monster quickly, and I think my weapon still not that good to hit down the mob quickly, because I can’t kill the mobs in 3 turn all monster in TBS with higher level than Fleeing Betrayer.

      I hope your alt Fritz, will have 120 as soon as you can, because I want to see how you can finish “Spy Hunt” in solo with your alt Fritz.

      and maybe you should know, that in my country server (Indonesia), Atlantica have implemented Enchant Stone IV or V in option with box, not the Gold Coin or Silver Coin as yours, so it have impacted to some players that saying TBS is not good way to get money or gold, because the items from the box is not enough and not worth much.

      :) thanks
      (in fact, sorry, my english was not so good :D )

  10. Seduction permalink
    07.11.2011 13:47

    Claudia does Fritz uses the blessing license and wp? Or nothing? If yes it is aquired in IM or with ingame money? I am wondering how far are you taking your experiment. It is quite interesting.

    • 07.11.2011 18:52

      Fritz uses the blessing potions of Momotaro. And he does use it only for TBS missions. He does not use WP. And he has just paid 1.5 b to Claudia for 16 nix pieces she crafted for him… (4 robes, 8 light armors, 4 light pants). I try to be honest. The only two exceptions I am aware of: He got 1 extra inventory bag long, long ago because Claudia found it in a random box, and he got a Tiger from the last fishing event which was fished out by Claudia (not the one you can get for Atlas but the random ones you got additionally). He has also wings but paid for them (and they are quite outdated by now).

      Now with being able to do gold coin missions (Black Forest Depot, Reclaiming Alishan) he gets rich even faster than before.

  11. 10.11.2011 20:36

    Great blogsite! Nice to have the TBS together in 1 place with maps and diagrams for us stoopid ones!

  12. eith permalink
    14.11.2011 03:16

    Reveal us more secrets please!
    \laugh I already miss your new post, how bout gives us some info about how’s your home like? how you decorate it? or is the exp buff worth to get?

    @Avieta yeah russian got the same random box like Indonesian: while US. got to choose between coin and box we got to choose between ES or box!
    my first +10 DG will take forever, I spam warrior box and got lot of Large Diamond, WTF!!

    But in next few day IdAO will get spell tower patched lolz, hope I can get rich as fast as fritz did \laugh \shy

  13. 14.11.2011 15:17

    My home has two purposes: Feasts and Rest. So it has only a bed and a dinner table as furniture. And a viking who serves as cook.

    You can of course pick up feasts at your friends’, guildies’ and nation mates’. But it is nice to get your feast buff exactly when you need them and to pay back the invitations you get from others.

    The extra xp you get for your diary rests is totally worth it. Claudia gets 8 M xp per rest. At least it is worth the cost of the bed.

    Otherwise I don’t decorate my home.

  14. 15.11.2011 14:59

    hello, i’m a new player, your guide is great, and can you help me please, how to tbs like the : ”fortress assault” , with cannonmain at lv.98, how me should play with my toon, and what merc that i should take? ( i have janis and oracle at lv.96 ).
    I’m from Indonesia, and play at IndoAO server, sorry for my bad english, and many thanks for your advice. ^^

  15. 15.11.2011 15:24

    Look under Categories:TBS Troy. There you find an article about Fortress Assault. With a cannon main, your oracle and your janissary will do fine (that was my first solo formation with Claudia, my main character). Use your cannon main’s ability to destroy structures from far away (like those pesky summon portals). You should be able to kill normal mobs with your stanced and sethed janissary – if not you need a better gun (but a conq+3 gun should be fine – or this ind dg thingy you can loot). Other than that you have only to follow the general guidelines for cannon main formations which I have repeated over and over again in my blog and my videos (especially those starring Claudia).

    • 16.11.2011 06:05

      thx for your quick reply, ^^
      so my main just shoot from far away, right? Should I cast Deep Insight to mobs and then shoot with stanced+ sethed janissary or just shoot the mobs with cannonmain + janissary?
      and oracle for tanking is good or not?

  16. 16.11.2011 18:55

    Yeah, your main shoots from far away, that is the great thing about cannon mains. You can even shoot over walls which is quite handy for example in Fortress Assault.

    I use Deep Insight (since level 100: Devastation Shell) only: a) for bosses b) when it is the deciding factor between killing mobs in one or in two turns. There is no reason to use it when the time you need to kill mobs does not diminish by it – better hit physically then.

    I would always seth your janissary and cannon main alternately. There will be one turn where only one of your damage dealers is sethed but otherwise both should be under seth’s will.

    Oracle is excellent for “magic tanking”: against monsters who attack with a magic aoe (for example, later on the Evil Arachnes in Flamethrower or Hidden Power). But she will die horribly fast when the opponent is attacking physically (like the Black Forest Captain).

  17. Locksley permalink
    18.11.2011 12:32

    any chance you will come back here and start updating us on the new Africa TBSes? would be interesting to know how you would run those.

  18. Kuba permalink
    19.11.2011 04:08

    I am wondering if anyone has done the Charybdis TBS (Troy 110), also since the patch introduced a few changes, it seems that 100k arrows and naval clash may be doable in solo squad mode now. Can’t wait to see the new posts :D

  19. 28.11.2011 22:11

    Hello Claudia.
    You mentioned, you want to post a video of Fritz soloing Saving Helen. Does that mean you already soloed this TBS as a Fritz? If yes, can you please at least tell what strategy were you using ?

  20. 29.11.2011 19:58

    No, shortly after posting that I set Fritz to rest. No Saving Helen for him…

  21. 29.11.2011 21:38

    But do you think its doable as a lvl 118 guitar?

  22. 30.11.2011 06:18

    To be honest: I have severe doubts…

  23. FantomFang permalink
    30.11.2011 11:47

    I’ve been doing these TBS missions generally following your guides, and it’s been a great help. But I seem to have some problems – my main is Sword, and doesn’t really add much of anything to the group in the missions. Currently, it’s a 105 Main, 102 Oracle, and 97 witch I bring into Troy (plus a 102 Inventor for 3k, which I just started today).

    Anyways, I’ve done everything through Warrior’s Honor, and I decided to try Fleeing Betrayer and just got crushed. My witch did surprisingly little damage. I will admit she’s a bit undergeared (I brought her out of the merc room recently when I realized her usefulness in TBS) but I was barely doing half their health with 60 Meter + lv80 charms + 2 bracelets.

    In your opinion, does that seem good enough for reversal/Fleeing Betrayer and Eight Gates/No Safe Harbor? And is it really important to get a Sheriff/Janissary instead of my Inventor?

  24. 01.12.2011 11:45

    Sadly sword main is not a born TBS main. I could use much more unfriendly words about it but I will leave it at that. At least he can tank very well. And it is a bit better now because monsters tend to attack melees first so that his tanking ability really counts. On the other hand the damage to look out for is magic damage in TBS missions and there even a staff main can tank better (at least my oracle can).

    Witch: Mostly overlooked are helmets (hats) for magic chars. They increase the damage. There is a reason in most fairy tales the sorcerors and witches wear huge hats…

    My witch had no other equipment than yours in this level range. But she should damage normal mobs far more than half.

    I would replace inventor with janissary for general (long term) reasons – but you don’t need to do that for the TBS missions. At least not now.

    I am fairly convinced (and I think I have proven it by now) that everybody is able to do missions of a given level – up to level 115 – when his main has just reached the minimum level. At least when he has a decent main to do it. Which would lead me to the start of this comment, but I resist the temptation of main bashing :)

    Eight Gates should be the easiest of the missions you mentioned because there the witch should be able to eradicate monsters completely with one meteor strike. Try it. If you can’t do it follow the sage advice of our elders:

    If in darkness or in doubt,
    run in circles, scream and shout.

    • FantomFang permalink
      01.12.2011 12:14

      Yeah, my Sword main was my main when I played the game pre-TBS, about a year, year and a half ago. He eventually annoyed me then though – he just didn’t add anything to my formation. I had maxed flame sword and mostly maxed chaos edge – and chaos edge is the only skill worth anything and its still pretty pathetic there.

      Since returning to the game I rolled a PSaw (lvl95 already, this event is ridiculous) and am contemplating sinking more points into Chainsaw Blade for TBS – do you think it’s worth leveling Chainsaw Blade primarily over Destructive Instinct for TBS? (already have maxed Storm Blast). I see on atlantica-db it eventually gets a 5×5 attack range.

      Hmm, you may be right about the hat though. My witch is kind of undergeared – I had pulled her out of my merc room on my return (she was 87 then, 97 now – main’s gone from 104 to 105 since then). I’ll see about upgrading her equipment some, I think she actually still has some ghost gear on now that I think about it.

      I actually did try Eight Gates but couldn’t quite finish, the inventor was actually kind of useless on defense, even with a low-plussed ID94 Gun. I eventually had to rush more than I should so that I could shore up the defense in time, and recovering from all that cost so much time that I didn’t have the time to kill the boss at the end. Also, witch was JUST short of 1shotting most mobs – she killed the cannons and almost the other weaker enemies, so with better gear it should go better (and faster clear time initially so my defenses don’t fall.
      Maybe I’ll try taking out the damage gate initially too.

      And I probably won’t replace the inventor then – I’m getting a Janissary on my Saw, but I’m not going to bother for now on the main since he basically just exists to finance the Saw.

  25. dai permalink
    14.12.2011 10:15

    how about TBS santa villa?is it worth to do?

  26. 15.12.2011 18:59

    The 120 chain is worth to do because you get 11 extra TBS points. To be more exact: You spend 9 and get 20 back. They are easy, you can finish them in 10 to 15 minutes, the drops are sub-par and the experience so-so. If you think about them as one mission in three parts you get about 16 M xp per mercenary of them (for then 9 TBS points).

    I do them daily. The real reward is the extra mission I can do.

  27. Djuan permalink
    23.02.2012 22:38

    Hi thx for the update :D
    I am sword main and i got to say that before i read this blog i dint even try tbs i got own in every way but after reading this blog and how you do them. they become very moderated and some other very easy. and about sword i don’t think they are that different. just a little slower than range but i can say that mini and bosses are very easy after 120 upgrade when u can get bash. the only problem i can say has a sword is destroying summon portals without a Seth cata it can take for ever.

    Keep the good work.
    Sorry for my spelling errors English is not my main leng even when i suck at writing in all that i know -__-

  28. 24.02.2012 02:23

    LOL on the “for example for a sword main”: or

    • 24.02.2012 02:25

      BTW, I’m not really literate in english, can you explain what “ob” means?

  29. Yvitini permalink
    24.02.2012 15:34

    Aww, I’m sad that there will be no more Fritz videos for a while–I haven’t seen any other music main tbs videos outside of yours. I have been considering making a blog documenting suicide runs and the like with my music main, which is now 124. If I can get my video recorder and Atlantica to co-exist on this laptop, I might even do videos.

  30. Werwolferine permalink
    27.02.2012 12:10

    Hi Claudia, I have a request regarding your post from February 23th.

    You wrote: “Africa calls again. After the newest patch the summon portals summon and some other things have changed. I will make new videos over time but be a bit patient because making a video takes a lot of time. I will start with Act Of War and then take it from there.”

    Is it possible, that you do not delete the old versions of the videos, cause in Germany we dont have Africa yet. And when Africa arrives we will have the version without the summoning first for a certain time.

    thank you in advance – Werwolferine

  31. 27.02.2012 17:29

    They are still on youtube. See the sticky post at the top of my blog; there is a link to it. I don’t plan to erase them anytime soon. But there will be no links to them anymore in the articles in this blog.

  32. 01.03.2012 00:33

    Bravo Claudia, I totally agree with you. I appreciate your site and want to thank you for the videos and trap maps. The content you provide is excellent and keep doing what you are doing here. As for a future blog post can you please offer your insight on talent points and where you think the best stats for a cannon main should have.



  33. Ismi permalink
    03.03.2012 06:19

    Hi Claudia, this blog is great. Since reading it, I can solo more tbs than before.
    May I ask you something Claudia? What’s the market price of nix box, divine box and freezing box in your server?
    Mine in Indonesia divine–>3,5 M/unit, Nix–>35 M/unit and freezing–>1,8 M/unit
    It frustrates me so much especially when JP some material in case sacrifice box’s value low like this, I mean fewer jp result.
    Since introduced to tbs, we’ve got random box. Then our people hate gambling, they prefer farming divine box in tbs 125 which causes price of divine box and other box deflate like crazy.
    Is this what we called ‘deflation’? Is this the cause of random tbs box? Is it better for us? Gaining 1 m/week is hard for me atm.
    FYI: evil imprint, dg wishstone price–>150k/unit in Indonesian server.

  34. 04.03.2012 18:30

    Divine: 10 M
    Phoenix: 65 M
    Freezing: 5 M

    But you can see a lot of prices also here:

    What does your random box contain?

  35. Ismi permalink
    05.03.2012 10:17

    Troy golden box:
    Gold coin x10, heavenly crystal x4, hydra’s poisonous gland x3, evil imprint x2
    crystal of temptation x2, imitation oriharukon x2, MHSJ x1, MHSC x2, aeolus horn x1
    hermes’s herb x5, alchemist’s stone x1, shield bash I x1, athena’s protection I x1
    weapon rend I x1

    3 kingdom golden box:
    Gold coin x10, heavenly crystal x4, hydra’s poisonous gland x3, evil imprint x2
    crystal of temptation x2, imitation oriharukon x2, MHSJ x1, MHSC x2, red hare’s saddle x1
    sealed guan dao x1, alchemist’s stone x1, green dragon glaive I x1
    green dragon’s rage I x1, green dragon strike I x1

    Alishan box:
    Gold coin x10, heavenly crystal x4, hydra’s poisonous gland x3, evil imprint x2
    crystal of temptation x2, imitation oriharukon x2, MHSJ x1, MHSC x2, alchemist’s stone x1
    sealed DG equipment box x1, sealed nix equipment box x1

    African box: african tbs isn’t introduced yet

  36. 05.03.2012 16:08

    That is the same box as ours. Is the chance for gold coins also roughly 50%, as with us?

  37. Ismi permalink
    05.03.2012 20:03

    Well I haven’t proved it statistically but I guess it’s the same as yours, 50% chance of gold coin.

    I don’t hate random tbs box because it’s now easy to craft projectiles thanks to flooding hydra gland and temptation in my inventory :D
    What I hate so much is player’s behaviour to cheapen any items(including equipment box) in market except Atlas Ore. OK, I agree the reason cutting down the price to make the item sold first. But drastically cutting down the price will give serious impact such as standard price changing then influencing buyer’s assumption about cheap price.

    Let me give example:
    Sometimes ago, I sold enriched adamantium ingot 25 M/unit. Now the highest price of it is 15 M and the lowest is 9 M. When market is out of order I try to sell it 25 M/unit, 3 days later I check OMG my precious enriched adamantium ingots expire in my mailbox, LOL. Then I realize my price has been declined and buyers tend to buy 15 M instead of 25 M.
    This condition also occurs to another items.

    I really don’t have any idea to overcome this problem. I’m sorry if my explanation is difficult to understand.

  38. 06.03.2012 08:53

    It is a simple question of supply and demand. Our prices are much higher and half of the population groans about it (the demanders). All in all your economy is much more newbie-friendly which is a good thing in the long view (more attractive for middle-level players = more players = more life, drama and entertainment).

    You will be on the demand side quite often, too. See it that way: your Atlantica Gold coins have much more buying power than ours (if you are at 3.5 M per coin as we are).

    Against undercutting there is nothing I know of. Personally I won’t undercut. I usually choose a price slightly higher than the lowest price in the hope that everyone else do that, too – that would preserve the current level. You sell slower but often for a higher price. But it may be also a question of how Indonesian players are thinking in general.

  39. Andrez permalink
    07.05.2012 22:32

    i’m waiting for Fritz video running Alishan 120 “the shaman return” because untill this day i cant squad solo run this 120 alishan mission (solo mode is 100% OK), my squad are, vampire, oracle, sherif and SwordM al merc are hero II, with DG gun +4 on sheriff.. and damn this alishan mission just too hard for me untill now..

    waiting for Fritz video and maybe give me some ideas about how to do it correctly
    bravo.. :)

  40. Andrez permalink
    07.05.2012 22:39

    one more thing, about indonesian boxes. I DONT THINK the chance of gold coin are 50% cause this week. I opened 6 box from alishan 115 and 6 box from 3k 115 they give me only 20 gold coin from that 12 boxes

    most of the boxes give me a super trash “hydra glands” \angry
    few weeks after riederan patched, always doing TBS (115-125) as long as I have points. I never ever got gold coin x 100, or the new ring and only a single time they give me mystiq gem x4
    what the hell wrong with those boxes
    or lets say i’m the most unluckiest person after this doom day (riederan).

  41. 08.05.2012 05:46

    Sorry, I can’t say anything about Indonesian boxes – I am playing the international version.

    The video of Fritz running TSR is up already. Read the article about this mission again.

  42. alfikri5 permalink
    09.05.2012 15:57

    nope box content really get better after ROR patch. i’m at Indonesian server too. i once get a 100 gold coin and once got a 50 gold coin. also i get 1 Pangu ring (or whatever its name, its for artillery).

  43. Eoyin permalink
    20.05.2012 10:25

    HEy Claudia,

    I have a quick question.

    At Time i am running a cannon Main and its pretty much fun in everything.

    But i am a little Pvp Fanatic so my end build includes for me INstrument Main with maxed out RM and Salvation and the UN-Stun Talent.

    U think i can manage to do all TBS with Instru-Main too?+

    I know Fritz jsut hit 125 but maybe u know from guildmembers that are high instrument main how they are doing on Soloing high level tbs

  44. 20.05.2012 18:16

    Mulanhua, a guild mate of mine, is level 150 musician main and she soloes every mission, including Spirit God and Dogon Defense. So, yes, it is possible.

  45. Eoyin permalink
    20.05.2012 20:59

    is she having the Ravaging Melody Talent maxed out ?

  46. 20.05.2012 22:16


  47. Lyn permalink
    13.08.2012 12:21

    I’m also looking forward to Guild Wars 2. Everything I hear about it is amazing, and it’s a damn gorgeous game. I’d be more than happy to take a looooong break from Atlantica’s disgustingly blatant pay2win model.

  48. SLNescafe permalink
    30.08.2012 16:33

    Hi,really good,and really miss you.Look forword you back as soon as possible.At least log on more often than now’sob.(Wrong grammer?’heh ,you konw my bad English^^)

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