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Trap Map: Hidden Power (with video link)


Hidden Power is one of the missions of the Troy mission set.

Name Hidden Power
Minimum level 120
Maximum number of participants 4
Size of a party main + 2
Time limit 60 minutes
Total number of vehicles allowed 1
Entry fee 5 M
Total upgrade cost 14.5 M (after Spelltower patch)
Catapult cost 5 M
Reward 12 x Troy Victory Treasure (“120 Gold Coins”)
XP victory bonus 363 M

This mission is quite possible to solo after you have passed the level 120 upgrade quest. There is a really fantastic video on youtube with a spoken commentary by angster40 which should be easy to find. It tells you all about positioning, traps and such. But ignore the comments about the mission being hard, because due to several updates they have watered down the mission greatly.

Here some hints:

There are nasty groups of mobs waiting for you. It is most important in this mission not to rush forward but be as careful as possible. Better remain just out of aggro range, heal up, seth up, and then do a full onslaught on your next turn than to risk a hoard attack on you.

Fighting your way up the ramp

This is most important in the area of J9 and westward of it. You climb up from J7. You can attack with your gunner the two mobs on the right side of J9 (see picture). Don’t forget the net trap in the middle of the ascending ramp. Then two others (in the picture you see only one so far because of the sight range) will rush at you down the ramp. Kill them, too. Don’t attack the venom commanders west of you. Repeat the last sentence loud and clear. Don’t! What you should do instead is carefully bombing away the mystic stone from as far a distance as possible. Then take out the venom commanders with your sethed cannon main. You have no cannon main? That sucks…

The plateau you enter after climbing up the ramp contains 6 venom commanders and lots of other nasty mobs, not to speak of the mobs coming from the summon portal west of Dark Alexandra. So be extra careful there.

The next crisis are the said stepping stones with Dark Alexandra (A2 in the map) behind them. Take out the mystic stone if possible but the mobs standing around there will take it personally. I find it most effective to lure them over the stepping stones to the East (where you came from). If you are very lucky Alexandra stands on the stepping stones when the flood comes…

After Alexandra the rest is easy. Before the gate after which you find the final boss, in H13/H14 I lay 2 net traps after clearing away the hostile ones (which you can do with only 1 scroll if you stand right between them). Then take the gate down, lure the enemy out (bomb the mobs just before the boss) and debuff and snipe the boss.

I have updated the map (see comments). And there may be traps inside the boss chamber itself but you should never ever be forced to enter it.

Here is a video of a run with Fritz, my musician main alt, then level 123. I did not use a blessing potion/license to compensate for my good (but not uber, no +10 weapon or such) gear.

And here an old video of Claudia:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

28 Comments leave one →
  1. 01.06.2011 07:39

    Trap identification

    T3 – there are 2 traps, flame trap right here and net trap a little closer to 1st boss. Scrolling off at one box before the trigger area for cutscene will dispel both.

    G8 – net trap

    I6 – flame trap

    I9 – flame trap

    G10 – in front of river is actually a flame trap

    B11 – right after 3rd boss is a flame trap

    F13 – there is a net trap here right after crossing the river so need to scroll off while on the stepping stone

    and I believe there are 2 flame traps instead of net traps in front of the gate. Could be more traps in final boss area but since I used scroll in front of gate, it dispels all the last traps.

  2. 01.06.2011 14:42

    Updated traps, thanks for the hints. I vaguely remember the last traps before the gate being net traps and I let it stand by that for now because I prefer to err on the cautious side… When I feel brave enough I will test it out though.

  3. Werwolferine permalink
    07.07.2011 10:22

    Is it (still) possible, to destroy the mystic stone in D9 from E8. I saw it in the video of MrAtupal, but angster40 didn’t. I couldn’t do it as well, even with max ranged catapult. So I’m asking.

  4. Werwolferine permalink
    08.07.2011 14:25

    PhoenixCalgary was able to help on db-atlantica. It’s not possible anymore.

  5. 10.07.2011 00:48

    Yeah, sadly, after 3k patch…

  6. RadHazzard permalink
    11.09.2011 05:42

    Still possible, though, not so much with catapult without taking a hit. Can with cannon main, however.

    (After Spelltower update)

  7. 13.09.2011 07:35

    The three traps in the last MS room (F13, G13, G14) seem to be gone now.

  8. 13.09.2011 11:15

    I don’t think so. At least when I ran it last time (after Spelltower patch) I got the message “…disarmed a trap” when I scrolled at the appropriate places.

  9. Pocahontas permalink
    22.09.2011 17:14

    G13 and 14 are now flame traps, you don’t have to worry about them as long as you stay between the 2 rows of pillars.

  10. 23.09.2011 15:13

    Yes, verified it and changed the trap map accordingly. And you can take out the first mystic stone (the one on the plateau with the horde of venom commanders) already from H7 with your cannon main (or catapult). In my run some hours ago the venom commanders let my cannon main destroy the mystic stone without doing anything about it. After that my main punished these lazy fools of course, which went very well, too. I try to verify if that is repeatable – that would make HP much, much easier.

  11. Pocahontas permalink
    23.09.2011 19:46

    I’ve only began to do HP recently (after latest patch), but I’ve always been able to kill stone using catapult without triggering any mobs. I’ve ran it around 4/5 times so far.

  12. 23.09.2011 22:53

    I must admit that I don’t build catapults in that mission anymore…

  13. Karlthegreat permalink
    18.10.2011 22:41

    First boss is Aeneas, not Achilles (on your trap map). Achilles wouldn’t make much sense historically speaking.^^

  14. 19.10.2011 07:08

    oops… corrected.

  15. iyah permalink
    09.02.2012 17:42

    @ Pocahontas where do your catapult stand when u are destroying MS is it in E8 or in E11 (stepping stone) would love to here ur comment

  16. Kaleston permalink
    13.02.2012 14:21

    As for Plateau of Sorrow goes, you don’t really have to kill all the commanders. After you kill MS there (should not aggro anything) with your cata, you can also kill Large Pavilon. There is a group right behind it, but commanders sitting on edge of cliff won’t come after you.

  17. Kaleston permalink
    13.02.2012 14:25

    And one question. How do you handle Alexandra? Ok, I’m pretty low equipped (around dg+1 level), so I can’t shoot her in 2 hits while taking hits from her and mobs… And she pretty much oneshots me :) Anyway… I have to painfully drag her from MS range to kill her… I was wondering if anyone got better plan.

  18. 13.02.2012 17:17

    Now, with my main totally overgeared, I have no special strategy. She dies in one turn now. But before I was able to do that I lured her over the bridge. When I was lucky she stayed there and drowned :)

  19. Kaleston permalink
    29.02.2012 12:03

    Btw got funny glitch today :) Alexandra got killed on stepping stones by flood (I was totally surprised cause I actually didn’t plan for that). And on top of that Hector decided to look what happened to poor Alexandra and ran alone all the way to where second summon gate is.

  20. Mike permalink
    12.03.2012 12:04

    I have noticed that in every HP run recently Hector has rushed to meet me at B12 – similar to Kaleston’s comment. I am going to run it a few more times to see if this bug keeps happening. Not complaining though makes mission much easier.

  21. Aiysha permalink
    29.07.2012 22:32

    I’m lvl 135 staff. I tried with witch+ora. Failed. Simply ran out of time. They killed cata many times, had to res at base many times – so time gone.

    • 30.07.2012 20:35

      My staff main (Claudiana) goes with oracle and janissary. Works like a charm. She did this mission without any problems since level 120 (even before finishing the upgrade quest).

  22. 07.08.2012 15:49

    The last few runs HP has glitched out. First Dark Alexandra ran up to where you fight Aeneas. Then the next run Revived Hector ran up by Dark Alexandra. Only thing I can think of is that I lured the bosses across the bridge/stepping stones, so the next boss moved up to take their spot. But color me surprised when I’m expecting to kill a venom commander on the other side of the bridge and it turns out to be Dark Alexandra :P

  23. 07.08.2012 21:57

    It happened to me once that Dark Alexandra went out nearly until the first SP. I like that, she should do that more often.

  24. Zeggy permalink
    03.03.2013 07:28

    Im not sure if it has been changed even more since this map, but after the second summon portal i used like 6 scrolls trying to clear the traps coming afterwards and up to the boss. Just to find that i didnt destroy any traps, or run into any for that matter. Has it become even easier, or did my run just bug on me?

  25. leonard permalink
    16.05.2013 13:08

    thanks before

  26. aztktopo permalink
    26.05.2014 06:02

    there is a spot in G8 were the cata can attack the mystic stone (whit the five upgrades) and the venom commanders dont attack your cata


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