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Miscellaneous Tidbits


This is a collection of questions/problems and answers/solutions. It is not sorted in any way yet and of course far from complete. The last weeks I have jotted down questions newer players asked in my guild/nation – these notes are the main source of this. Over time I may or may not expand this article.

Update 2012-07-25: New sections about graphic resolution, windowed mode and windows who won’t stay where you have them moved to.

Update 2012-07-06: Crafting costs for phoenix powersaw and freezing spear added (you can take them as prices for all weapons of the same tier, they use the same materials). Changed section 7 (finding wandering NPC). Added section 10 (fake “my homes”).

1) The game says you have not enough of the material xxx but you are sure you have enough of it.

The items must be in the same stack. The game looks for the first stack of the required items. If there are not enough it does not look further but despairs.

2) Why does my friend get all the Training Center bosses and I don’t get even one?

The bosses of each fresh wave of monsters spawn as the last one of this wave. So run around, don’t engage and wait until all new monster groups have spawned. Or better don’t, because that will damage your guild performance, you taking effectively a break from slaughtering.

3) My witch has not the fabled 5×5 attack range with meteor strike, only a cross deluxe.

Upgrade your witch at least once (to “High Witch” with 50 redemption crystals).

4) Some crafting costs for useful items you always wanted to know but were too lazy to calculate

Item price in gold
Normal Dynamite 105 k
Elixir V 45 k
Elixir VI 91 k
Net Trap III 622 k
Nouvelle Cuisine Feast 70 M
Wiseman’s Golden Pen 1.05 M
Wiseman’s Golden Parchment 1.12 M
Phoenix Powersaw 111 M
Freezing Spear 12.4 M
Phoenix Jewel 812 k
Giant Jewel 1.83 M
Redemption Jewel 1.75 M
Dragon Jewel 740 k
Ashen Jewel 102 k
Multi-Hued Crystal Shard 102 k
Multi-Hued Jewel Shard 1.047 M
Multi-Hued Crystal 326 k
Dragon Soul Crystal 2.1 M
Dragon Soul Jewel 7.42 M
Mysterious Vial: Valor 879 k
Secrets Of Time: Momotaro 470 k
Secrets Of Time: Theseus 21.7 M

Notes: k=thousand gold; M=million gold. Costs are calculated with fixed prices if there are any. If not I assumed a quite pessimistic market price – so the item will be probably even cheaper to craft than indicated in this table. That is especially true for all crystal/jewel-related items. For Multi-Hued Crystal Shard and Multi-Hued Crystal I assumed a price of 50 k for Phoenix Crystal, Giant Crystal and Redemption Crystal. For Adamantium Ingot I assume a price of 120 k.

5) When you repeat a Rin Event mission in AT world: how many points more must you pay for the second and following run of the same mission?

You know, of course, that a normal TBS mission costs 10 points and every repeated run 5 more for every repeat (resetting each Thursday). But not so with Rin: You can repeat every mission without any penalty. By the way: you can do any mission in your level range. 150 characters can do all missions, for example, 128 characters can do the missions for level 80, 100 and 120. But only the level adequate missions count for the daily quest.

6) Is Claudia your real name?

My name is neither Claudia nor Claudius nor Fritz (but Fritz is somewhat lukewarm). Claudia is named after Claudia Cregg, a character in the really good show “The West Wing”. Claudius is obviously the male form of Claudia. Fritz is the nickname of my grandfather who is now in heaven, looking down with disgust on all the modern bread factories (he was a baker).

7) I looked up a wandering expert via Livingstone. He is supposed to reside in [insert city name here] but I cannot find him there.

When Livingstone tells you where the craft expert is, you get the option to automove to him. Click on the button for it. Then teleport to the nearest town. If you have no teleport license, still click on automove. If you have enough will, teleport to Rome Plaza or even farther away and use the Travel Agency while you already automove. If you don’t have enough will, move your character with the keyboard to Bucharest (ignoring the popup window asking whether you want to cancel auto-move – you don’t), move deep inside that town and use the Travel Agency there. That way you don’t have to find the exact location of Hui Chao or whoever you are looking for – the game will do the work.

8) My diary has just reset but I cannot expand it, cannot move items, cannot sell things and feel all in all miserable.

Starting with reset at 6 am server time there is a huge lag during which a lot of scripts are executed, resetting a lot of things on a lot of characters. So don’t do missions which are potion or scroll dependant (like Unification) because you may fail due to the lag. On the bright side: it will be over after about 3 to 4 minutes. Just in time to change your FL formation which you forgot to do before the lag started…

9) On the website a bonus or [insert any special feature] was advertised for the weekend, but it is not active. How come?

There are two answers, a short one and a slightly longer one. The short one is: Atlantica Online is run by Nexon. The slighly longer is: Atlantica Online is something you do in your free time and most people have more free time on weekends than during the week. You would expect that the staff for Atlantica Online would be reinforced during weekends because then most people are online and special events, which tend to be – let us say – difficult, happen. Sadly Nexon does not only not reinforce their staff during weekends but reduce it. That is like Disney world closing over weekends because their employees want free weekends. Sometimes nobody seems to be in care of the game, sometimes an “emergency GM”. So if problems arise they are typically not or very late adressed. My advice: Bear it.

10) I want a house but I want it cheaper than the staggering 500 million gold the game charges me for.

Buy one at an auction. Then rage-quit the game. Seriously: There! Is! No! Other! Way! Let me rephrase that: There is only one way. Not two, not three, not an auxilary way or a sneaky by-path. There is the one way and only one and the key word here is “one”. One way to buy a home, and that is in Rome for 500 million from the NPC Caitsith. The buildings sold in the auctions are houses, but not “my homes”. They are houses used by guild leaders to decorate their town with. You can’t live in them. And they are worth nearly nothing. Believe me, there is no way around it. You have to pay 500 million because the home you buy at Caitsith is not tradeable. It will not even appear in your inventory. Ever saw anybody with a complete house in his backpack? I mean, a tiger or a golem, ok, but a house? This lesson is very important and so I want to test you: How many ways are there to get a home? (Don’t answer in the comment section, write it down privately and read it every morning)

11) Sometimes I can hit two 2×2 enemies, sometimes not. How comes?

A 2×2 enemy is an enemy who stands on 4 squares (2×2). Most bosses do that but also some ordinary enemies, like the evil arachnes (cannons) in Flamethrower. To hit two of them at the same time you have to aim at the monster to the right (seen from your ready-to-hit toon). If you aim at the monster to the left you hit only one.

12) Full screen mode sucks: The client crashes always when another program on my computer pushes itself in the foreground.

Use windowed mode. You can set it right at the start after clicking the “Settings” button or in-game (System / Settings / Graphics, uncheck “Full Screen”).

13) Which graphic resolution should I choose for windowed mode?

The highest possible, of course, but choose always a 4:3 or 5:4 resolution (the squarier the better). Personally I play with 1280×960. For reasons only the developers know it is worse to play in 1366×768 than in 1024×768, for example. Instead of seeing more to the left and right in the wider resolution, you see the same horizontally but at the top and the bottom things are cut off.

14) Every time I move the Atlantica Online window so that nothing at the bottom is cut off, the window jumps back so that the upper frame of the window is completely inside my screen.

That is a Windows feature. Usually it forces a window’s position so that the upper window frame is completely inside of the viewable screen area. You can tweak Windows to omit that, though:

a) Choose Control Panel (Systemsteuerung), Ease Of Access Center (Center für erleichterte Bedienung), Make The Mouse Easier To Use (Verwenden der Maus erleichtern).

b) Uncheck the option at the bottom of the screen (don’t forget to scroll there, it is somewhat hidden at first): “Prevent windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen” (Verhindern, dass Fenster automatisch angeordnet werden, wenn sie an den Rand des Bildschirms verschoben werden).

11 Comments leave one →
  1. 01.07.2012 22:43

    Nice one Claudius (or whatever :D),
    BTW, number 7: Is it still possible to move while in auto-move? I don’t get the screen asking for stop anymore. My char simple stops. So, I click auto-move, tp to rome arena (further from exit) and use the travel agency to the closest city.

    • 02.07.2012 18:21

      or just click the 2 mouse pointers at same time and move the mouse, ur char will move controlled by the mouse and auto-move wont stop

  2. 01.07.2012 23:35

    You must move with your keys, not clicking for waypoints with your mouse.

  3. Rosyid permalink
    02.07.2012 00:05

    Tele to rome is easier imo.. usually do that

  4. 02.07.2012 02:49

    I think the lack of weekend GM support is not just rampant on Atlantica, but on some other F2P’s. I don’t understand why–I’m under the impression that a GM job is one that can also be done at home (well, to a certain extent), so that there is some support for the problems that cannot wait until Monday. I played another game where GM support on the weekend was non-existent (granted their GM support on normal business days is even worse than Nexon’s if you can believe that), and if they even fixed the problem, you’ll be waiting weeks.

  5. Karlthegreat permalink
    05.07.2012 15:01

    I agree on the Rome comment. I don’t go to Bucharest (at least not on Delphi) because it is a very expensive travel agency, or at least used to be last I checked. Also moving around with the keys is bothersome and takes too long. So, I use this procedure:
    – Ask Livingstone and start automoving
    – Teleport to Rome Plaza
    – Select the town the NPC is in or closest to.
    – Let auto-run finish the job
    Btw the new auto-run does not only work with keys but also with the right-left mouse button hold-down combo.

  6. FPArgos permalink
    06.07.2012 13:34

    One thing you might want to add is the question: “what can i do with a house from auction?” Its a nasty scam for beginners tbh, better tell them to go to caitsith XD

  7. 06.07.2012 14:14

    FPArgos: Done.
    Concerning Rome: I added that. For me often the problem is that you have to use another 20% for teleporting to Rome (instead of walking to Bucharest). But if will is not an issue, Rome is indeed much more comfortable.

  8. joej33 permalink
    21.07.2012 02:57

    nice guide =) – might be good to mention the BT summon on auctions arent mounts – just another scam for newbies

  9. 26.07.2012 11:43

    hi, a stupid question but im sure many ppl has come up in mind with this… So is there any place for a lvl 138 (well geared) staffM to able to auto merc fight infinity for a whole day and do not need click a single thing?. Please calculate that with auto hotkey G button can be pressed repeately. e.g in red forest its kicking me out to the entrance after aprox 7-8 fight lol.

    PS: i’ve blessing lic too (it maybe important for a killing limit)


  10. 26.07.2012 19:19

    There is no place where you can autobattle infinitely for a whole day in the game. Autobattle will stop after 20 battles. If you choose a very low aggro area (like the dungeon where the Prison Tyrants are, who you need to kill for the best title in game – 25,000 of them…) you may last very long but you won’t kill much.

    I did not understand your part about pressing G. If you do it manually (while watching a video, for example) you can fight the whole day long in skirmishs. Just choose the skirmish you can do easily (like 122 – even 131 if you are really well geared) and fight away. But you have to aim at the nearest monster group after your fight has ended.

    If you want to omit that seeking of a monster group position yourself into the train (Grand Canyon – Train Interior). I did that a long time before TBS came out. There you should be able to fight the whole day while only pressing the G key. The monsters will aggro you all the time.

    But you have to press the G key. Personally. It would be a kind of botting if you position a heavy item on your G key. I found no direct clause in the TOS forbidding that but I imagine that the GMs see that as a kind of exploit. But it works, at least in Train Interior.

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