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Trap Map: Signs Of Antiquity (with video)

Name Signs Of Antiquity
Minimum level 138
Maximum number of participants 3
Size of a party main + 2
Time limit 40 min
Total number of vehicles allowed 1
Entry fee 15.6 M
Total upgrade cost 20 M
Catapult cost 15 M
Reward 8 x Chieftain’s Treasure (“160 gc”)
XP victory bonus 1,925,000,000

Basically you wander around and destroy four corrupt totems. You can choose in which order. When you destroy a totem, some monsters (usually six in three groups of two) appear. When you kill the fourth totem they still appear but the missions ends before you can attack them (and even better: before they can attack you).

I found one net trap so far but I suspect strongly that there is another one directly north of the northern stockades. The monsters aren’t very strong. There is no boss fight. One of the easier missions. And you can collect the signs of antiquity for a title quest (you don’t have to take the quest, you get them anyway).

In the map I have drawn the “official” shape with normal black lines. But in fact the map is much more restricted. The “brushy” black lines are the real limits of movement.

Here is a video of a run of mine:

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  1. Karlthegreat permalink
    30.11.2011 00:58

    A few things:

    My TBS partner and me found another trap today:
    It’s on the lower totem, but I’m really puzzled because we went through the exact same tiles on the first and second run, and the trap only jumped us on the third run.
    We also ran around a bit north of the stockades, but no trap popped. I’ll try to find it with my oracle on the next runs.

    Also there are some mobs (one or two) on O2-O3.

    Another thing you might want to state for any Alishan/Africa map: the mobs change a bit from run to run. Same spots yes, but not same monsters for Africa. Same monsters, but not same spots for Alishan. At least in my experience.

    (PS: I would really like to give you the screenshots I took on Last Battle but normal PC is in repair)

  2. 30.11.2011 06:20

    I begin to suspect that not only the monsters but also the trap locations in African maps are somewhat random. I have gotten some reports of traps now which I cannot verify even if I do all to run into them.

  3. Karlthegreat permalink
    30.11.2011 13:39

    I’m not sure, I untrapped the net trap you marked twice, well three times, but I ran into it once. It was on the same spot three times in a row, will surely have to watch it. Shouldn’t be a problem, since 122 runs on this one remain (for the title…)

  4. 01.12.2011 11:35

    Haha, yeah (concerning title). But I really tried to get this trap last run and went out of my way with my oracle. No trap, nothing. I will try again after reset.

  5. Karlthegreat permalink
    16.01.2012 08:34

    I keep getting that trap there.

    Also my partner and me went the other way the last two runs, and I found two flame traps:

    This one is in E7. The druid stepped on it.

    That would be around C8/C9. Before the first totem from that side. That cata stepped on it.

  6. 19.01.2012 09:11

    for those who want to avoid unnecessary fights, I find it more faster if you do this map not in a circular way but in two “halfway”.
    what i mean? I involve in fights my catapult only to destroy totems, why? because if it gets hit my mob you will need to make a new one. So, advance in a direction, clear scripted mobs with your team, use catapult to destroy totem, then move it backwards to escape battle, advance till second totem and spread out you team only on one side of totem, this way you will agro only one group of spawned mobs (2 groups if u are unlucky).
    at second totem don’t try to kill all mobs, but only the agroed ones and then retreat to your base and do the second half of map on opposite side. it’s a very quick mission this way ut of course you will only reach the goal but don’t farm all mobs from map.
    I start my map going to north and after retreat going to east. (i cannot confirm that trap marked on map, i didn’t encounter it.

  7. QuadQ permalink
    01.02.2012 20:52


    Excellent point. I tried this and it works great. I admit I go east first and then back to do the north. The only hard battle is the large group just north of the barracades. Anyway, good observation. Now I can do 4 Africa missions regularly. I still use main (axe), witch and oracle to do all TBS…so it is nice knowing that it can still be done. Even though I admit the cannon main, sheriff and oracle is a much better TBS party.


    I know you get several people saying what a great site you have. It really is greatly appreciated. All the work you do to help those of us in TBS land is very impressive. I only do 130 points a week and defnitely cannot do all the africa missions but this site/blog has greatly enhanced my TBS time and helped with the never ending issue of not enough money/GC.

    Thank you again.

  8. QuadQ permalink
    01.02.2012 21:00

    One more comment. As Claudia has mentioned and I believe several others have as well. Gear is helpful, but almost all TBS missions can be done with just the standard gear (dogon defense?). I am now at 50% evil gear, no pegasus and my best weapon is a +2 evil staff (witch). While I can’t do all TBS missions in solo squad mode yet….be patient – you dont have to have +10 gear on all your characters to do TBS missions. Besides, it is just as much fun to play the game in normal gear as it is with +10 gear, just a little harder at times.

  9. 02.02.2012 00:13

    Thanks, QuadQ :)

  10. Seduction permalink
    21.02.2012 14:14

    How long this takes in average? I did my 1st Africa tbs yesterday with my partner, Act of war which was quite simple considering that our gear is not that great. I’m wondering if this one is a good one to do considering time/reward/gear. We are both staff mains (not changing for cannon until the damn price of he vial drops).

  11. 21.02.2012 18:10

    If you duo it like you duoed Act Of War, my guess would be about 20 minutes (assuming that you finished Act Of War in about 10 minutes). In this mission it is quite nice to know where the mobs stand (for that reason I have included that information in the map). Keep in mind that there are no double turns when you have destroyed a totem in spite of a cut scene appearing. That is important because after destroying a totem 3 x 2 monsters appear. And you want to kill them outright. So whittle the totem down until it has only 2k hp or less, then kill it at the start of the next turn with a catapult. Thus you have most activations left for the spawning uglies. Good luck!

  12. TheInfidel (Argos) permalink
    12.04.2012 00:07

    there is a flame trap in the c8 area

  13. 12.04.2012 18:51

    Thanks – I never visit that area because I go anti-clockwise.

  14. Capitan Hook permalink
    24.05.2012 23:06

    I found a net trap today. Its located in F4. On the plateau directly left of the stairs.
    Forgot to take screenshot. -_-

  15. macedonia permalink
    12.09.2012 08:51

    Hey all,

    I saw the video and thought that if u are not staff main ( or do not use AOE ), u should use Druid for this tbs.
    My team : PSaw main : full set Pega +3 ( x2 chi you’ ring +4 ), Druid full set evil +3 (x2 chi you +4) and oracle full set evil +0 ==> +3 – can clear easily in 10′. My cata always take down totems in 3 turns. My tactic is same with QuadQ “go east first and then back to do the north”

  16. Schala permalink
    11.10.2012 17:16

    Net Trap at F4, can be slightly random location (a few squares off). Sometimes might not appear (but so far does 2/3 of the time).

    Basically, it’s when doing counterclockwise and going up the altar where the totem is. The west side, from top stairs to totem.

    So I go half the stairs and use a scroll.

  17. Schala permalink
    11.10.2012 17:29

    And my tactics for this TBS is to use Psaw main as a killer, Rin as a double-turner, and Oracle to Seth.

    Psaw main lv 139 with +5 Evil Psaw, nix armors, Chi You +7 and +3.
    Rin lv 134 with +3 Evil Psaw, nix armor, Chi You +2 x2.
    Oracle lv 135 with +1 Evil Staff, nix armor. Fu Xi +1 x2

    I have a basic attack of 178% normally (BL 50%, Spelltower 20%, Guild 8%), get it up with a feast, preferably Nouvelle, so +35%, and a 10 or 20% attack title, and can one-shot everything with main, even when Blazing-ed. Rin is too weak yet.

    Main can tank the mobs, and “times” her approach of enemies so that Rin can empower her to reach Tree Spirit to kill in first priority (Forest Prison is very annoying) without them aggroing.

    Completed in 30 minutes.

    Totems don’t heal, cata kills them while main is busy killing mobs around. Takes 7-8 turns, never Sethed.

  18. HisagiSan permalink
    12.10.2012 22:27

    I wonder what team is best for this mission (and other easy ones, like Act of War and Balance Restored): CannonM, Oracle and Sheriff or CannonM, Oracle and Druid.

    I see Sheriff can kill 3 mobs in a row, has great output dmg, but Druid can BS Cata and Ora, allowing them to kill some mobs too. At least i saw that on some Korean or Japanese videos on youtube and the guy wasnt really OP (1.7m might, no shining weaps) and could finish those missions with Druid instead of Sheriff.

    But then again, i couldnt tell if he was running Solo or Squade mode, coz the video already starts inside the missions, and i really cant read those symbols :(

  19. Kizaru permalink
    05.11.2012 19:05

    Gimme a break with this cannon main and sheriff girl mania lol. Staff main (not FB, but brutalwill and res) + empress or pirate + Rin. Decent weps (+6 DG), armor +2+3 DG, lvl 138, might not more than 1.4m. EZ.

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