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Trap Map: Into The Spirit Realm (with video)

Name Into The Spirit Realm
Minimum level 139
Maximum number of participants 3
Size of a party main + 2
Time limit 40 min
Total number of vehicles allowed 1
Entry fee 16.8 M
Total upgrade cost 20 M
Catapult cost 15 M
Reward 8 x Chieftain’s Treasure (“160 gc”)
XP victory bonus 2,100,000,000

Updated on 2012-03-18 (new video, simpler strategy, updated trap map).

As you may know I am quite happy with my chosen main (cannon). If I wasn’t this mission would convince me that I should be. It is not difficult for all types of TBS formations, I think (with the probable exception of staff, who may have problems with the African monsters generally). But with a cannon main it is downright ridiculously easy.

Your main actions in this mission are: destroy summon portals, destroy chests with spirit boxes inside of them. And you can do the latter even by shooting over the wall.

After the Three Gateway patch it is paramount to destroy the summon portals as fast as you can. Don’t worry about the chests with the spirit boxes, you can collect those after you cleared all summon portals, and then in peace and tranquility. With a cannon main you can do that even faster because you can use your catapult to clean up while your cannon main does the dirty (summon portal destroying) work.

My strategy to do this mission is:

1. Destroy the locked gate. Lay a trap at H4 (purpose of this trap is ro have “extra eyes” for summoned monsters from the summon portal in K6 – a watchtower trap, so to speak).

2. Destroy the summon portal at F5. Kill the monsters in E5. Move the catapult to destroy the box in C5.

3. Move towards the summon portal at K6 and destroy it. One of your toons should lay a watchtower trap around G/H6. There will inevitably monsters running down from the summon portal in I12 at the very left edge (G6 to G9). My sheriff is the “mobile shock troup” to annihilate them while my cannon main, oracle and after a while my catapult destroy the summon portal at K6.

4. After your catapult has finished destroying the box in C5 (and eventually helping with the destruction of the summon portal in K6) move it to destroy the boxes in M7 and K8 – in this order. After the destruction of the box in K8 six monsters will spawn and you get a new turn (double turn, yay). Move the catapult away so that you don’t aggro these monsters – you don’t have to fight them.

5. Destroy the summon portal at I12. Clear the monsters at K12, while you are in the vicinity. Destroy the box in L12 with your catapult while the rest of your merry band goes already in direction of C13.

6. Knock down the gates at D/C13 and open the box there. Take care that sheriff and cannon main are both sethed because 6 monsters will spawn. You get a double turn; try to take them out in one turn for sports :)

Beware the red line. Ah, ignore it - step over it and have fun.

7. Move forward into the boss area. Try to kill the monsters from afar. After Three Gateways patch the bosses will only spawn when one of your toons crosses a line roughly at B11/12. Two bosses will then appear, kill them.

8. Open the last chest in C9 – your mission is done.

Here a video which illustrates this strategy:

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  1. Karlthegreat permalink
    03.12.2011 00:26

    First run and found some comments:

    1. First spawn had a flame trap. My main walked into it:

    On the second run I popped a scroll and got it again.

    However, I couldn’t confirm the net trap on the second run (can’t remember for the first one). Maybe I killed it when I popped the damage scroll. Which was about 3-4 tiles in front of the spawn.

    2. It’s 9 Spirit Stones per run for a title quest needing 1000 stones. So, it’s 112 runs. The other title needs 500 Items and gives 4 a run, so 125 runs (it’s a few runs less).
    The box sequence, as depicted by you gives 2 stones, 1 stone, 2 stones, 2 stones, 2 stones

    • gurke permalink
      07.12.2011 22:34

      whats the title effect ?

  2. 08.12.2011 18:32


    As far as I know it is still unknown.

  3. Josefu permalink
    16.12.2011 08:15

    little tip for those who have a hard time killing the two bosses is the gate on c13. You can use your main and one merc to block off the entrance once space between the two. As the boss arrives there you can have them die leaving oracle and catapult behind. The catapult will be far enough to snipe while 2 bosses wont be able to enter.

  4. gurke permalink
    18.12.2011 18:24

    I discovered you dont have to kill me mob spawn from box k8 if you first clean the area in front of the gate.
    maybe you dont have to destroy the summon gates too… I never seen any spawn.
    I guess its just a waste of time to do this. And i think this will not change before next update.

  5. 26.12.2011 06:59

    I actually figure out we can simply skip the two mob spawn after you kill box at K8 and L6. All you need to do is first kill the summon portal nearby so you can position your catapult (or probably cannonM have better range can just shoot from beside summon portal…). So just kill that 2 boxes at the same spot using cannon… mob spawn inside? Totally skipped.

    Josefu’s trick on blocking the path with 2 mercs works. But sometime they still tend to snipe my oracle that stays behind, ended up need to use resurrection scroll.

  6. 26.12.2011 08:12

    Skipping the monster spawn at K8/L6 does not work for me. They still spawn at “rs” there, no matter in which order I open the spirit boxes.

  7. 27.12.2011 03:05

    Yes they spawn at “rs”, but I am shooting from “SP” there (without shooting down any gate), and they will not open the gate at all in my case. So they stuck inside and I can ignore them. I did it on every of my run and they works.

  8. 27.12.2011 08:12

    Ah, that may be the reason. I always take out the SP. I know they don’t spawn now but I can’t see them standing – old habit :) I try next time to overcome my aversion.

  9. 03.01.2012 14:48

    Alright I think I should make it clearer about ignoring the mob spawns at that area.

    – First, just destroy the summon portal as usual. (Your merc team can now go ahead to the north to clear things up while leaving catapult to deal with that 2 boxes)
    – Than position your catapult (i’m not cannonM) right on the destroyed portal site.
    – Now destroy the box at the east FIRST (L6). Don’t go K8 first.
    – Then destroy the box on K8.

    Doing that in sequence will grant you a double-turn after killing the second box. So you can simply run away with your catapult and the mobs inside will not come after you. Yeah I know it is easy to kill that few mobs but, I rather safe a few seconds than making more trouble.

  10. 03.01.2012 15:44

    Ah, ok, thx for pointing that out.

  11. 25.01.2012 12:21

    i understand very well Josefu’s strategy but i don’t really like it. that’s mean that my main and 1 merc will always “guard” in front of gate; to be more specific, will fall every turn except the first 1-2-3 turn (depends how long they survive the hit of bosses and it’s following mobs) and my oracle will continuously resurrect them to block the gate;
    and the fight is only done by my catapult which will be a very slow and very long fight.

    (I understand this strategy exactly as we do it in last stand mission.where we can hit to outside but mobs cannot hit inside except cannons, in this case mobs can hit trought wall and can come out except bosses which will be blocked inside; but this strategy not necesarely need to be done in front of gate, can be done anywhere where the map is narrow enough)

    (ohhh, a tough what just passed by my mind, even a fallen merc can block a gate, yes? so, my oracle can seth continuously the catapult for a bit faster fight but still slow and long fight)

    also Claudia mentioned “One detail: Before opening the gate in the fence in C13, kill the mobs in B13 with your trusty cannon main first. If you open the gate first and march through, chances are that you have the bosses all over you and you surely prefer that with some (=3) monsters less to worry about.” here i want some help to, how you agro these mobs without agroing the bosses, if you destroy or not the box don’t matter because there is not trigger for bosses, if you destroy or not the gate has same story. i shooted over the wall but bosses rushed to me, how can i avoid these?

  12. 31.01.2012 09:09

    i did not find any logic’s at these 2 bosses. sometimes they agro as soon as i hit the 3 mobs near last gate, sometimes only one of them, sometimes no bosses agro at same point.
    also if you manage to escape them without hit them and returning to them, as soon as you enter in last courtyard, even if you don’t have them in sight, they agro and come for you.

    i can explain all this only with: they have huge sight/agro range (not only the usual 7 squares) and they are continuously moving around their fixed position. this way you don’t agro them when they are in the far “corner”, you agro only one when only just 1 is in the far “corner” or agro both when they are in the nearest point to you.

    Claudia, you agree with me?

  13. 31.01.2012 15:53

    Not sure yet, still investigating. In my last run yesterday it worked as always: I shoot above the second fence, cleared the opposition, went near the second fence, bosses came, devastation shell, sheriff shot twice, bosses dead.

    I have to wait until next week to experiment a bit.

  14. steve permalink
    08.02.2012 11:53

    “The summon portals don’t seem to summon.” My experience was not this at all, I ran it single player mode, not only did mobs summon at the first summon gate about every 3 rounds, they summoned at the other 2 summon gates as well and ran down to attack me, by the end of the game (my end that is) I had 10 or 15 monsters all gathered around attacking the main base. maybe it has changed since this guide was drawm up, maybe they fixed the summonses, maybe it plays different in single player.

  15. 10.02.2012 14:12

    I think it is as you already hinted at: The difference between single player and squad mode.

  16. Rakshas permalink
    23.02.2012 10:21

    Every gates spawn 1 red and two blue golem in ~3-4 turns. All golems run for you base. Bosses now summon buy trigger (somewhere in B12). Monster from upper gate run near G-H wall. Leave somebody to stop them. Actually with cannonM+atilla+ora had no problems. Even easier because now you can kill all mobs before attack bosses.

  17. 05.03.2012 15:35

    There is an unlabeled burning trap by the first summon portal. As you start the map, it’ll be just the the southeast of the portal. I hit it when I tried to send my sheriff behind it to shoot the mobs when they first appeared.

  18. 05.03.2012 16:10

    I haven’t encountered that one. Problem with African TBS is that some traps seem to occur randomly – they have a fixed position but not in every mission they are placed. I try to verify it.

    Update: Verified it, map is updated.

    • Karlthegreat permalink
      18.03.2012 10:38

      I pointed you to that one in my first reply already^^ It’s usually in the tile next to the spawn. The screenshot is still valid, I keep getting that trap.

  19. 23.08.2012 09:40

    Hi, about african titles, i’d like to ask that why we have to wait for aprox 2,5 year to collect enough quest items? this is just stupid….

  20. 23.08.2012 11:10

    is it possible not kill the bosses and just head forward for the last box? I didnt see that killing bosses is a must!

    • secretsofatlantica permalink
      23.08.2012 11:28

      Yes, you can do that. In theory. Problem: the last box has a lot of hp. They only go away after killing the bosses.

  21. 12.11.2012 09:04

    not really matter at this time for me, but maybe helps a newbie for this mission.

    if you leave your cata behind at K6 and use it only when boss fight came in, you can won 2 extra turns for a possible difficult boss fight. this way you hit the 2 boss x3 times before they even can move it.

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