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Trap Map: Fleeing Betrayer


“Fleeing Betrayer” is one of the best of the silver missions. It is very short and easy structured. There is no summon portal, so you can take your time (according to the time limit). The only real problem are the traps. And I hope I got them all…

Name Fleeing Betrayer
Minimum level 105
Maximum number of participants 3
Size of a party main + 2
Time limit unknown
Total number of vehicles allowed unknown
Entry fee 1.5 M
Total upgrade cost 4 M (after Spelltower patch)
Catapult cost 1 M
Reward 9 x Troy Warrior’s Treasure (“180 silver coins”)
XP victory bonus 200 M

After Fritz, my alternative character, has reached level 105, I tried to do Fleeing Betrayer with him, a witch and an oracle. The boss fight was a bit messy but the rest was surprisingly easy. But it is the first mission where the witch’s and musician’s aoe combined are not enough to kill the normal mobs, so adapt accordingly.

Here is a short guide how this run works:

0. Did you already take the side quest from Odysseus for this mission?

1. Upgrade fully (remember: no summon portal, meaning no time pressure). Move forward once and scroll away the net trap.

First monster group

2. Advance, let your musician cast Ravaging Melody and your with cast Meteor Strike. The monsters will not be killed by that alone. Be prepared to battle it out (a sethed catapult can work miracles).

3. Heal completely up. The next fight will be against the mini-boss (Cursed Minotaur) in this mission.

Cursed Minotaur and his two minions

The exact position of the Cursed Minotaur and his minions

4. Kill the Cursed Minotaur and his two minions. The scheme is the same as before. The boss is surprisingly weak, by the way.

5. After you killed the Cursed Minotaur go up to the right side (the left side is empty, by the way). You will encounter two cannon mobs. At the end is a hut. When you destroy it two things happen: a) you get a chest containing 20 silver coins (yay), b) 2 x 2 monsters appear further down (boo).

First two ambush mobs

6. The first two of these ambushing monsters appear near the pillar. The second two near the stockades, and they will hasten to you. So try to kill the first two before the second two arrive.

7. After killing the ambush monsters take out the trap before the stockades. After the row of stockades there are two cannon mobs who are weirdly unmoving even if you move near the stockades to trigger the trap and save a freezing scroll.

8. Be aware that directly after the row of stockades is another net trap.

Here are two screenshots about these stockade traps:

trap before stockades

trap after stockade

9. Kill the two (now not so un-moving) cannon mobs before the mystic stone: aoe from your witch, then finishing it up with your sethed catapult. Your main will most probably stand around being entangled in the net trap if you are as stingy as me.

10. Let your catapult destroy the mystic stone and heal up your group. The boss fight will commence shortly.

Pandarus and his companions

11. During the boss fight your group can be wiped out. Just in case let the catapult stay as behind as possible, so that you are able to retreat with it in case of emergencies.

Here is a video of a run with Fritz, my level 105 musician, from 2011-10-12:

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  1. Simp permalink
    14.09.2011 22:54

    Hi, with the new patch some of the trap location changed, for instance, there’s a new trap arround e9, i forgot exactly where it was but i also noticed another before that arround e6 and e7.

    I’ll do another fb run tomorrow after tbs reset and keep try to locate them more accurally

  2. 15.09.2011 15:14

    Thanks for your efforts. I would never had suspected that they changed this mission – I don’t see any reason for it. But you never can tell with developers :)

  3. Ezlash permalink
    30.09.2011 07:11

    Hi, Could you do a video guide for this mission? thanks :)

  4. 30.09.2011 11:57

    As soon as my alt reaches level 105 I will do a video with him. Fritz just finished the Yggdrasil quest row and is now level 100 (bordering on 101), meaning he can now do exclusively TBS missions (which is way faster than levelling in classic pve). So I expect him on level 105 in 3 or 4 weeks.

    Update 2011-10-10: Article rewritten.

  5. Marvsforeva permalink
    21.10.2011 20:40

    I think the net trap as indicated on ur graph on F 5.5 should be on F 6.5..
    Also thanx for the great guide

  6. 21.10.2011 23:25

    Hm, no :) You can scroll away the trap when you are standing inmidst of the first monster group.

  7. Demera permalink
    28.10.2011 20:00


  8. richard permalink
    30.10.2011 00:00

    Do you think a lv90 witch with 60 meteor and charms + blessing pot would be enough?
    I tried it with GunM 120+offi shotgun and sheriff 104+offi ;oracle 115 without potion or feast,and i died in notime,dealt like zero damage. A friend of mine did it without problem with his janissary ,still w/o pot or feast.

  9. eith permalink
    31.10.2011 12:02

    Why not lure Pandarus out and Fight him outside the stockade? I always did that, the only problem is Pandarus wont always aggro you. But hey That’s saver than Fight him at his place

  10. 31.10.2011 16:55

    Richard: Yes, that would be enough but you must do something seriously wrong when a party with gun main lvl 120+ and sheriff, both with osgs, and a good oracle have problems there. Ok, problems maybe, but you should succeed.

    Eith: Yeah, that is what I do now (after I made the video). Alternatively I send musician main and witch in, let them blast away and let them be killed. My oracle and my cata stand both very much behind. Then I resurrect musician main and witch and do it again (this time usually all except boss die). If you want only to kill the boss, luring is effective. If you want to kill all the mobs (which I sometimes do, when I am in the mood), the suicide blast works well, too.

  11. GuitarMain permalink
    09.12.2011 21:25

    can flame blow + meteor 1combo wipe out the whole team? (Flame lvl 53 and witch lvl 80 upgrade?)

  12. 10.12.2011 12:44

    Yeah, I am pretty sure that it would be possible because meteor strike already takes about 80% of the hit points away. That said I just remember that you are the guy who did not optimize the magic damage (wearing puny hats and not maxed skills). So take that with a grain of salt.

    Proper equipped witches (upgrade 100, freezing+3 hat or equivalent, lvl 60 meteor strike, opal magic necklace (plain), plain earrings and bracelets, freezing staff+3 or equivalent (the intelligence stat is the one we need here)) and just as well equipped staff mains (flame blow lvl 60) should have no difficulty. All others – who can say? You will be able to, very soon, I guess.

  13. FantomFang permalink
    11.12.2011 07:06

    I managed to do this with my bad Sword Main (lvl107). Witch was lvl98-99, oracle was w/e. Meteor strike did around 40-45% of the mob’s HP or something pathetic (my main is now worse geared than my alt PSaw lol), but with proper usage of a seth’d catapult and slow retreat to prevent more than my main/witch dying each turn, it was a simple matter of finish the mission. Hardest part? First group of mobs. Boss was beat using 6-8 suicide runs with witch to clear all the normal mobs, and then I circled around the boss as my normal strategy and sacrificed a merc each turn to finish him. Easy enough, but I was definitely weak for the mission. Really though, with no other pressing objectives, you can just push a tactical retreat all day until the mob sizes are small enough that you can guarantee they’ll never wipe you out.

    • FantomFang permalink
      11.12.2011 07:08

      Oh yeah, and I finished with plenty of time left, around 20 minutes or so. Gear really isn’t a factor on this mission at all with smart play, as there just isn’t ANY other mitigating factors to make it difficult. Just slowly backing up properly after engaging makes it cake.

  14. FantomFang permalink
    11.12.2011 08:02

    Sorry for spamming, but there’s tree traps at the stockades I think. I scrolled a square or two away from the bottom of the stockades around the border of F7 and F8 and didn’t hit any traps going through the right side of the stockade up the to boss but ran into a net trap going through the left side of the stockade on a return trip.

  15. GuitarMain permalink
    16.12.2011 02:28

    I had been doing this mission lately cuz its easy like scouting party :D.

    I have this trick to deal with the boss that ive been using 3 times without risks. I used witch and my main go up to face the boss CLOSELY(either one, and ofc i already disrupted the trap) then use flame blow And meteor. Flameblow adds more damage but either will leave a little flame puddle under the boss. I said closely because when the boss attcked us two, it will still be standing on the flame puddle. Then wait till they have meteor and flame available agai. Then use oracle heal up with safe distance

  16. Jarilo permalink
    05.01.2012 09:34

    There is a trick which allows to kill first 2 groups even for naked group. Move witch to 7 squares in front of swordsman. This swordsman will run alone and kill witch, but all other mobs will stay where they was. Kill this swordsman. Repeat it with another swordsman. Kill 2 gunners. Repeat this trick with swordsmans in second group.

  17. Cassakira permalink
    09.02.2012 05:19

    i just got owned lol 113 spear main 11 witch and 101 oracle got wiped on the first Oh well lol i had to use the tbs points somewhere right?

  18. valoruk permalink
    28.05.2012 13:28

    when u destroy the ten on the left the vemon cannoneers get weakened and a ambush appears, 3 mobs at the start and 2 gunners afterwards

    • valoruk permalink
      28.05.2012 13:50

      those 2 gunners wont show up when u go for the extra boss then though

  19. 29.05.2012 08:06

    Ah, interesting… I have never tried it. That sounds like a bad trade, though.

  20. Prince permalink
    27.07.2012 19:36

    Net Trap at 9-10 E-F

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