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Trap Map: Flamethrower (with video link)


This is the trap map of our most beloved mission to run, be it trio, duo or solo (at least it is mine): Flamethrower. There are no bells and whistles, simply forward and kill. Don’t forget to take the side quest from Odysseus in Hissarlik Hill for it (“Kill Polydamas”). It resets weekly on Thursday.

Name Flamethrower
Minimum level 125
Maximum number of participants 3
Size of a party main + 2
Time limit 40 minutes
Total number of vehicles allowed 1
Entry fee 7 M
Total upgrade cost 20 M
Catapult cost 5 M
Reward 12 x Troy’s Victory Treasure (“120 Gold Coins”)
XP victory bonus 450 M

Update 2012-05-18: Included video of Fritz, lvl 125 musician main, doing Flamethrower.

If you play a cannon main, this is a mission where it shines brillantly. Take out the Evil Arachnoids (big cannons, not many hp, but awful aoe) carefully. Increasing range is quite important here. Take out the summon portals over the wall. And then watch a video of a poor melee main and see how messy he is coerced to do it. Harhar.

Taking out the Frightful Slaughterer as cannon main:

1. Destroy the Evil Arachnoid to the right.

2. Destroy the summon portal.

3. Disarm the net traps at gate with one scroll, scrolling as indicated at “x”.

4. Destroy the Evil Arachnoid to the left.

5. Destroy all remaining monsters the summon portal has produced.

After that, position your sethed gunner close to the north side of the wall so that he targets the flamethrower at the right side of the Frightful Slaughterer’s band. Then kill it (the flamethrower). When the Frightful Slaughterer and his remaining minions storm at you, you should be able to apply devastation shell to them all (or nearly all) and kill the mini boss in one, at most two shots. Remember: use the double-turn feature wisely. Kill the mini-boss in your last activation so that you can kill as much of his company before it and then get another free turn to wipe out the rest.

There are three little perks in this mission:

1st spot for scrolling two traps at once

2nd spot for scrolling two traps at once

1. When you scroll at the “x”-marked location you can destroy two traps at once. See Fu’s comment on this for more detailed information.

2. At the spot marked “WoL” is a little hut. If you destroy it you get five Water Of Life potions.

Avoid the squares between the red lines

3. When you approach the gate in D/E11, don’t enter the 3rd grid row, counted from the wall (see picture above). Approach to the fourth row and then dash to the gate itself (don’t forget: there is a net trap to disarm). This way you skip the three flamethrowers which will spawn otherwise. Not that it greatly matters for me but in lower levels they add to the mob pressure which can be bad.

Thanks to Fu for his comment; I updated this entry and the map accordingly.

Here is a video of Fritz, who did Flamethrower when he hit level 125:

A video from one of Claudia’s runs (where I didn’t follow my own hints too thoroughly…):

Part 1

Part 2

27 Comments leave one →
  1. 13.06.2011 08:26

    C/D4 – Net trap.

    D6 (The first barrier). Use scroll in front of the barrier. There is net trap to the right as well as to the left.

    C8 – Flame trap, can be ignored.

    B/C9 (The second barrier). Use scroll at the wall next to the gap.

    b – barrier, g – gap, w – wall, use the scroll in front (south) of this wall.

    There is a final net trap at approximately of C/D and 12/13 (just behind the final arachne). Meaningless/can be ignored though.

    Total scrolls used – 5.

    Just additional notes,
    Final boss spawns with 2 spears to the south of him and 2 horse gunners further away to the south west.

  2. vain permalink
    17.06.2011 08:59

    There is also a flame trap at D11 … anyway, i dont scroll it, but i step on it when i want kill the inside arachne from outside of the wall …

  3. Karlthegreat permalink
    05.09.2011 17:06

    As much as I’ve seen there’s also a flame trap at D3-D4ish. Got in it once with the cata because I forgot to scroll the first net trap. Any confirmation on it?

  4. RadHazzard permalink
    25.09.2011 17:35

    Pretty sure it’s D4. Just did my very first solo run of FT, and ran across the trap there.

  5. 25.09.2011 22:29

    Wow, ran that at least 100 times and didn’t experience that trap. To be honest, I scroll automatically and probably disarm both traps.

    Next run I will be more careful and try to separate both traps…

    • Karlthegreat permalink
      03.10.2011 20:00

      No need, I guess. I was not careful enough today and triggered them. Swearing ensued and this screenshot:

      My main (the sword main) triggered the net trap, my ora got the flame trap.
      I usually enter second, so I’m starting in the middle and can get both traps by scrolling just before the tiny ramp. The old upgrade system made it easy to get to the scroll spot, the new one makes you run 1-2 squares too far.

  6. Jose permalink
    27.09.2011 10:20

    I suffered that Burning trap at D4 too with Cata. Probably the scroll for Net trap disarm it too. I think is to the right side of net trap
    Confirmed too the Burning trap at D11 as vain said….

  7. 03.10.2011 20:50

    Inserted the flame trap at D4, taking your screenshot as source for the location, Karl. Still not detected the flame trap at D11 – but I have to admit, I didn’t search there very thoroughly…

  8. Aluron permalink
    24.11.2011 15:15

    There is a net trap also in d5-6, I was 5 squares back the barricade and I have been defeated because of that <.<

  9. 25.11.2011 12:33

    That must be a new one. I always roam there and I never got hit by a trap in these squares. But I must admit that I did not run that mission since Africa came out.

  10. Karlthegreat permalink
    25.11.2011 14:03

    I didn’t find any new trap there and walked around pretty every square in the starting area after the patch. I ran into the initial net trap, yes, but not into any other trap that I didn’t know about.

  11. EternalSolo permalink
    03.01.2012 13:59

    are you making a video of FT with fritz too :D?

  12. 03.01.2012 15:43

    Yes, but it will take a while. During the christmas craze I had only time to play Claudia. Fritz is still at lvl 119.

  13. Sko permalink
    13.02.2012 00:39

    No, just no. This should be a 10 in difficulty, at least for my level 125 canon main.

    I brought the main, the gun, and the seth’s will slinger. I used energizer title, blessing license, Nouvelle Cuisine feast, high level guild buffs. I used full +1 / 2 / 3 DG, mount, clothes etc. I used +7 DG weapons bought from coupons. I had all five upgrades bought and catapult and gunner sethed.

    So I use Deva shell, sethed cata, sethed gunner, and oracle attack. That is enough to take out ONE mob. Then four invisible mobs gank you.

    So I fought my way to the first mini boss, after destroying the first summons portal. The mini boss has about 8 mobs around it. Considering it takes sethed catapult, gun, deva, and oracle to kill one mob, its just game over. and it seems flamethrower can shoot over the wall to kill catapult…really?

    I’m not saying it’s impossible, I am saying you have to take it seriously.

    • Orochinagi permalink
      16.02.2012 15:58

      It’s not really that hard… and personally I find it weird that you’re having that much problems with the gear you had… +7 DG on a sethed cannon main should be enough… what was the gunner you were using? stanced jani or sheriff?

      Regarding the invisible mobs, if you’re level 125 you should know that it can be easily avoided by walking before attacking. It only happens when you click to attack and merc/main auto-moves (clearing some fog of war where no enemies will be placed and thus enabling “invisible mobs).

    • Kaleston permalink
      29.02.2012 11:51

      There is one trick to kill Arachnes. They have either very small range or very small sight and your cata cat easily bombard them from far away without them taking hit on it. The best part is, those barricades that are supposed to block you are actually blocking them, so they can’t come closer to get in range. I usually just pull everything that’s villing to come to me from far away (max gunner range), kill everything that comes closer and then my cata easily destroys helpless arachnes.

  14. choiceofcinderella permalink
    25.03.2012 11:41

    My fiance and I tried this the moment he hit 125. He was bow(m)+vamp (he insisted on taking his vamp, don’t ask why)+sorceress, and I’m music(m)+ora+jani(was torn between him and the sheriff–the level of the jani was the deciding factor).

    We beat it without much incident, however, I can’t help but to think if my cannoneer would have been a better choice. Yes, we had a catapult, but you’re right–a cannon main shines here because these things are nasty if you get too close and it’d just be best to kill it from afar. Things died all the same, and I’m thinking about testing out the cannoneer theory tomorrow.

    • Senex permalink
      23.05.2012 14:13

      Cannon main is way different from any cannon using merc in damage. Dont forget how little they gain from a better weapon. BUT decoration, mount etc.. these help a lot. In other words what a cannon main easily and surely kills in one hit – you most likely will have to counterattacks for. A druid would help more…

  15. 23.05.2012 16:47

    While a cannon main is great, the cannon mercenaries are not. I doubt that mounts and decoration are the deciding factor (at least in higher levels) but in the end I can only support Senex: cannon main good, cannon merc bad. For TBS that is.

    I tried to use a druid in several missions – I was not convinced. His damage isn’t that great. An oracle can tank better in most situations because the danger is not the physical attack but the magical one, and there the oracle shines. And with a proper staff she can attack not too badly.

    • Senex permalink
      23.05.2012 18:30

      Druid is a support to be honest in most tbs. A beast soul helps tremendously till people get better gear and aven though druid is an expensive merc – it is still far cheaper than even a single +10 weapon – and oyu only need BS even a level 1 FP is fine. nota big deal to skip that spell for tbs reason. A catapult under only seth rarely one hits a whole mob group while adding BS makes it a sure job even without the upgrades. Till attila came I usually advised druid for anyone lower level to invest into and none of them ever regreted. +3k-ish damage with charms on the whole party and the catapult is a lot – just think of it as a +8 enhancement on even a pegasus cannon – really hard to compare it with lower level gear. But the drawbacks are… yea the merc is fragile and does minuscule harm even under his own buff. After you get good gear a sheriff or attila helps a lot more (I love attila+oracle formation with my cannon main) but at the lower levels even up to 136 I would say he helps – especially with speed. no need to skip 4 turns like with a witch – you can just constantly press forward renewing the buff every 3rd turn. Still up to this day i Rather take druid for tbs like Journey home – most of the damage is physical there and for those snakes teh extra buff is nice.

      Btw for cannon main – mounts and stuff arent the deciding factor even without the main is incomparably better than the mercs – but that extra lets say 2k attack does indeed helps with last hitting. saves you a buff or something….

      these are of course only my opinions. I did many newbie training vids and similar stuff though in a different language :) Tbs isnt too hard if people have the right tools lets say that 3-5 mercs – and they will have answer for everything… (gotta figure out a way to solo spirit god again. thats the only one left -.- )

  16. 24.05.2012 16:37

    Yeah, same here (Spirit God). While I mostly succeed now it looks not very strategically – more like a big messy slaughtering…

  17. Edward permalink
    17.06.2012 08:13

    Whatss your take on Mwindo for tbs ? – Souleat3r

    • SoulEat3r permalink
      17.06.2012 08:14

      mean to say for this tbs !

  18. 17.06.2012 12:25

    I am not a huge fan of Mwindo. She is a glorified witch. She may be useful here as is a witch but to be honest: I haven’t tried her out in Flamethrower.

  19. Dean permalink
    15.07.2012 06:05

    It’s easy for m.cannon.( Sorry, my english not good)
    Druid, oracle good choice for this tbs.

    i’m 130 use evil cannon +4 with seth will and beast soul make great damage to any monster.

    Strategy make all better, using Scroll of Judgement to destroy trap.

    Bos? not hard. druid in front of bos, m.cannon devas and hit. DIE

  20. VanAndrez permalink
    30.07.2012 20:38

    copied all your strategy..,., and the Succes..!!
    thank you so much sir…!!

  21. DarkJuan permalink
    02.08.2012 23:26

    i did it for my first time last night and i use your trap map for help thx. only got 1 trap activate. im Sword main and i did it with ora and sherrif. the only problem i got was that cata was destroy like 2 times but this was my 2nd run ever so i think i did very well.

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