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(No) Trap Map: Summoning The Wind (with video link)


Summoning The Wind is a mission I neglected for a long time. The main reason was of course the story line. I could not identify myself with the mission goal. In this mission Zhuge Liang stands in the middle of it, mumbling about south-eastern winds and waving his fan obnoxiously while lots of monsters try to kill him. Now that is completely fine with me, he had it for a long time coming with all his fan waving. Why should I defend him? If I could be part of the attacking hordes I would gladly join.

Name Summoning The Wind
Minimum level 130
Maximum number of participants 3
Size of a party main + 3
Time limit 60 minutes (theoretically…)
Total number of vehicles allowed at least 1
Entry fee 10 M
Total upgrade cost 14.5 M (post Spelltower)
Catapult cost 15 M
Reward 15 x Commander’s Loot (150 Atlantica Gold Coins)
XP victory bonus 600 M

Ok, the real reason was that I was always overwhelmed very quickly by masses of monsters because I did it wrong. But if you pay attention to some very basic guide-lines you can solo it, and this blog entry describes a way how to do it. It is by no means the only way. It has to be said that this mission is only for the well-geared to solo. I could pretend that everyone with the right tactic could do it but that would be pure cant. There are a lot of monsters who will attack your group of merry women (I had no male mercenary with me) and you should have good armor to take some hits and good weapons to prevent more hits.

Here is an outline of the mission:

1. There are no traps that I have encountered. That is the reason this map is not dubbed as “Trap Map”. There may be traps on the map but not where it counts.

2. My formation was: cannon main (+10 dg cannon), oracle (+3 evil staff), sheriff (+10 evil gun) and – lo and behold! – vampire (+6 dg instrument). That is the first time I took a vampire (instead of my janissary) with me on a main+3-mission. I saw it in a video and the additional healing capacity more than outweighs the lesser damage a vampire makes.

3. Take all upgrades.

4. First thing is to kill the mini-boss near the base camp on the left side as fast as possible. Don’t kill the small monsters which come directly after and which are heading to your base (see below 10).

5. After you have killed the mini-boss you go to Zhuge Liang (centre of the map). Don’t bother with the summon portals.

6. As soon as the first cut-scene (start-up cut-scene not counted) commences, with a deployment of allied troops, you should stall. Drag out every turn to the full extent of the time allotment. That prevents too much monster generation of the summon portals. The mission is time-based, not turn-based, so slow turn speed is good for you. But you must have killed the mini-boss near the base camp before the first wave reaches Zhuge Liang or you will fail because either your base camp or Zhuge will be destroyed. For that reason you can’t stall right away from the beginning – quite the contrary: you have to play as fast as possible. Your goal is to be back with Zhuge when the monsters from the first wave appear to molest him.

7. The cut scenes will give you visual clues from which side you have to expect the next attack. Position your mercenaries accordingly.

8. Zhuge Liang has a lot of hitpoints but they are not infinite. Here your vampire shines: you can heal him. And you should scroll flames away if an attack lets Zhuge burn. Normally freezing scrolls are best for that because purifying – while working, too – also scrolls your seth’s will away.

9. The mission does not end after the wind direction changes but only if you have slain the boss (Jiang Gan) which will appear directly after it. That can be a bit messy, there are a lot of mobs around him.

10. From time to time there will spawn allies. They go to the nearest point of conflict and if there is none, they go to the centre. You don’t want them in the centre . You want at least most of them at your base to defend it. That is why it is important not to kill the small monsters which come to your base after you have killed the mini-boss at the beginning (see above 4). You have to let them make their futile attempt so that your allies (which have already spawned or will spawn very soon) have something to sink their teeth into.

11. Enjoy the 15 reward boxes this mission nets you.

For people who need it: Here is a table of the waves in this mission. I have written down the time left (as shown in the mission overview) when the cut scenes began with Zhuge Liang waving his fan hypnotically.

Wave Time Left
1st wave 55:10 min
2nd wave 50:35 min
3rd wave 46:30 min
4th wave 42:15 min
5th wave (boss) 38:00 min

A video about one of my solo-runs in squad mode:

Part 1

Part 2

This run was kind of awkward because the attack waves did not do what I want. What I want is that every attack wave comes through to the centre as fast as possible. That way I can kill one wave before the next appears. What happened (besides other mishaps) was that one attack wave got stuck a bit and then two waves at once came to the middle. But hey! That is challenge for you! And anyway, it did work out in the end.

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  1. 10.08.2011 13:18

    the problem with stalling is that mobs from 2nd cutscene (spawned at far north east) will arrive at Zhuge Liang from north gate around the same time as 3rd cutscene’s (spawned at near east). further more, there will be 2 mobs from spawner coming from south gate too.

    anyone has the solution other than handling both sides at a time?

  2. 10.08.2011 13:35

    If you have problems, go down the stairs and lay traps. I did that in my first runs. It helped but I discovered that I could without and save the money…

  3. 13ishop permalink
    17.08.2011 09:26

    you think minimal gear can do it? i mean with +2-+3 evil weapon? also a music main?

  4. 17.08.2011 13:02

    As I said in my article: this mission is for the well-geared. You have to be able to one-shot (with seth’s will) ordinary monsters.

    • 11.09.2011 20:50

      With the weaker post-patch enemies, your allies can easily hold off spawner mobs on their own. The mission is soloable with much lower levels and equipment as long as no two big waves overlap: taking fast turns during waves 2 and 4 to make sure they’re dead before waves 3 and 5 arrive.

      My team: lvl 132 AxeM w/ lvl 60 bs, Ora, Jani, and Hwarg. +0 evil armor (or equivalent), +4 evil gun, +3 dg axe, +4 dg bow.

    • 07.03.2012 03:09

      I just soloed it in squad mode as a lvl 131 music main, with no evil item equipped ;]

      my team: main, witch, dark archer, oracle

  5. ZKlegend permalink
    15.09.2011 16:54

    I tried solo it but failed because my barrcacks were destroyed. Is there any tips for two barracks spawn allies together? When enemies attacked my barrack only one barrack spawn allies, the other one spawn allies a few turn later. I cannot protect the barracks with just allies spawned from one barrack.

  6. 16.09.2011 22:57

    When Zhuge gets a cut scene the allies wait one turn and then spawn (at least they did it the last two runs when I started to pay attention to their rhythm). They always spawned together in my runs.

    Did your fail occur right at the beginning? Most people make the mistake to kill not only the mini-boss (as described in my guide) but also the two normal mobs who will come soon after from the summoning portal nearby. That is a mistake because your allies need these as an crystallization point. If they don’t find that kind of opposition they go to Zhuge, leaving the barracks bare and without protection and you screwed. See No. 10 in my guide for reference.

    If it occurs later you have no choice than to draw aggro with your catapult. If you look at my video you will see that I held back my catapult a bit – just in case that I have to move back to the barracks and fire at the enemies. That will cost the catapult but also draw them from the barracks and buy time for allies to spawn. You probably are not strong enough to go there with a real mercenary (at least I am not) – that would cost you the centre, Zhuge and the mission quickly.

  7. ZKlegend permalink
    17.09.2011 08:58

    I did not kill the two mobs from the portal nearby. But when i kill the miniboss allies from barrack did not come to help me. They went straight to Zhuge. I think it was the main reason of my fail.
    Anw, I will try this again later

  8. Jose permalink
    27.09.2011 11:23

    In my last try, I killed the miniboss too fast, at the same time I was moving back to Zhuge (according to your video suggestion), so when mini died, the 2 mobs barely appeared so the first allies run directly to the center, leaving alone the barrack area for the incoming enemies….
    Maybe must wait to kill miniB till allies deployed….

    • Jose permalink
      27.09.2011 11:59

      I watched your video again. No too convinced now i had wrote above is correct… maybe forget about….

  9. XHgreen permalink
    12.10.2011 02:24

    I have few questions here.
    1. Can main staff do this tbs as well?im thinking if i could use staff witch to finish a big group while sheriff and cata with oracle seth might be able to hold back a smaller group coming.
    2. Btw im kinda worried on what you had mentioned about well geared. My main is currently equiped with 4 evil staff and 2 eqs(but nt done 130 upgrade) witch in dg 2, sheriff got a 4 dg gun. Both main and sheriff hav 10 endurance. And well, oracle only lvl 100 . Isit still possible? Btw i had done my research and cant find any staff doing this tbs =(
    3. Im nt pretty sure on where exactly mobs appear for each wave. Somehow they seems to appear from both north, east and west together. The only different is the amount of mobs? Or am i wrong and theres actually a fixed side for each wave of mobs?

  10. 12.10.2011 12:00

    1. I played staff for a long time (level 136) but when TBS came out I switched quite quickly to cannon main. I can’t say anything about how a staff performs here from my own experience. However I heard that a staff main can solo it, too. The two points you have to be able to achieve are: a) You must be able to one-hit-kill monsters reliably (like with flameblow and meteor strike combined), b) you must survive at least most of the time one attack on you.

    2. Same goes for gear. As long as you can guarantee the two mentioned points you should be able to do it. A 130 upgrade is very recommended though. And a level 100 oracle seems to me a mercenary who does not fulfill the rule “you must survive most of the time one attack on you.”

    3. They spawn at fixed places. It is shown during the cut-scenes (watch my video for that). But how they walk from then on depends from a lot of factors. One reason are your allies who may or may not aggro them, depending if your allies are busy defending your base or having already swarmed out to make mischief. So no fixed rule here.

    • XHgreen permalink
      12.10.2011 17:20

      Thanks you had cleared my doubt. I guessed i will have myself more prepared before trying then.

  11. 24.02.2012 14:20

    Seem’s that u’r tactic killing the mini boss does’t work anymore. I’ve tried to kill the mini bos, when i came back to zhuge liang he was allready demolished by the mobs

  12. 26.02.2012 00:42

    I tried it today, it worked fine. But of course: you must be back at Zhuge (or at least be near at Zhuge) when the first cut scene commences (not counting the initial cut-scene). May be you needed too long to kill the mini-boss?

  13. HikariLan permalink
    24.04.2012 06:23

    I finished it with minim gear
    Saw Main (135) with full evil +2 equipment and evil saw+2
    Sheriff (132) with DG Gun+2 with titanium bullet and darkest(reward Individual Dun 101) equipment+4
    Oracle (134) with master mage cane+5(reward GD Mauseloum) and darkest equipment+5
    Druid(133) with darklord axe+7(reward Individual Dun lv 105) and phoenix +2
    only with charm III each of them, bring Guardian Stone Of Recovery for druid an saw and using title bard.

  14. 24.04.2012 07:07

    Wow, gratulations. The real problem in this mission is – if you do all things right – to kill the final boss fast enough so that you (and Zhuge) don’t get swamped. If you asked me before you did it I would have said that your equipment is not good enough to pull that off. So gratulations again.

    • HikariLan permalink
      29.04.2012 15:20

      That’s all thanks to you sir, the strategies number 4 that we must kill the mini boss and 2 minions are the point i think, because if we didn’t kill them as fast as possible, they will assalut into out ally barrack that support us defending the base and zhuge. and one more, Miracle potion very usefull in this mission.

  15. pyrophantom permalink
    22.05.2012 15:05

    Have you run it with Attila instead of Vampire? Granted, I think vampire helps more undergeared players, but she’s underwhelming other than her healing abilities (mine with +7 dg instrument). It seems having an extra sethed toon helps clear those stragglers that come seperate from main waves so you can focus your firepower on the larger groups with cannon & sheriff.

  16. 23.05.2012 07:22

    That sounds very interesting, but alas! I have no Attila…

    And lately I do the mission without the vampire (only main, sheriff, oracle) anyway.

  17. Michael permalink
    01.12.2012 22:36

    Nice tutorial, but I really don’t understand a thing…why stall?…why not rush through the waves?…if I kill them fast, they spawn more than 5 waves?…please reply if you can. Thanks

    • Michael permalink
      01.12.2012 22:39

      Nevermind, I failed to read the description properly…ignore this :p

  18. lifewisher permalink
    30.07.2013 13:38

    Successfully finished this one.. CannonM 136(+5 Evil Cannon), Jani 132 (+5 Evil Gun), Ora 135 (+3 Evil Staff) and Rin 130 (+5 DG Saw).. I used Rin for “double turns” + heal for my main and jani for extra kills.. Placed net traps before the stairs and on the stairs as before mobs helps a lot..I was really hesitant on doing this but it turned out to be easy.. :D

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