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Trap Map: Warrior’s Honor (with video link)


This mission is another quite beautifully designed one. The two boss fights are a bit difficult but doable. Otherwise this mission is quite easy if you know what you are doing. This article is an updated version to clarify some issues (see commentaries if you are interested which the issues were). Most important: Nothing has changed after the Spelltower patch. Except the general things, like less upgrade cost, simpler training, random reward boxes instead of being able to select a reward and such.

Name Warrior’s Honor
Minimum level 90
Maximum number of participants 4
Size of a party main + 2 mercenaries
Time limit 60 minutes
Total number of vehicles allowed 3
Entry fee 0.8 M
Total upgrade cost 1.45 M (after Spelltower patch)
Catapult cost 0.8 M
Boat cost 0.4 M
Reward 6 x Troy Warrior’s Chest (“120 Atlantica Silver Coins”)
XP victory bonus 117 M

"pav" - a large pavillon separating you from the monsters beyond the mystic stone

The mission is thought to be done in 4 steps: Go to the fat orange 1 and build a boat. Go to the fat orange 2 and kill all. Go to the fat orange 3 and retrieve the armor of Patroclos (i. e.: kill Polites). Go to the fat orange 4, kill some monsters and retrieve the weapon of Patroclos (i. e.: kill Penthesilea).

But you won’t do it in exactly these steps. I applied a strategy nevergreen has mentioned in his comments.

Don't aggro the monsters in D4!

1. Your first objective is “Kill 3 Mutated Marksmen”. You find them in the monster groups at I3 and E3. Take out the mystic stone MS with your catapult and kill all monsters. There is one important exception: Do not aggro the monsters in D4 (between Mystic Stone and dock). You need them later.

Go To The Dock - with your boat

2. After you have completed your first objective the second will be “Go To The Dock”. It is enough to do that with a boat. As soon as you have destroyed the mystic stone, destroy your catapult, build a boat and move to the shore near 1. The third objective will appear: Kill 3 Devilish Vikings.

3. Two of these 3 devilish vikings you find in the monster group at D4 which hopefully still lives in the moment the third objective appears (you need at least one of the vikings of this group). While your troups still fight their way to the shore at 1 your boat takes out (most of) the enemy boats, so that you can ferry safely. Don’t hesitate to sacrifice your boat.

4. Then ferry your people to 3. Not to 2, to 3. Why? The island at 2 is infested with unnecessary monsters. Especially devilish vikings. But you have already killed 2 and you can kill two more on the island at 3. So why bother…

Landing at Polites' island

5. Land in 3 at the first opportunity, see picture. After the Spelltower patch your mercenaries get a turn immediately, so spread out – the boss hits hard. Kill the last devilish vikings (and while you are at it, the rest of the mobs on the island because it is easier to fight the boss when he is alone). The fourth objective will trigger: “Kill Polites”. Only for completeness sake: Don’t kill Polites before this objective appears. But it is quite difficult to achieve that mistake because Polites has a lot of hitpoints.

6. After you killed Polites clear the rest of the island if you want and if something is left there (you don’t need to) while your boat kills the rest of the enemy boats (if any).

7. Ferry your people over to 4. There you can fulfill the next (fifth) objective: Kill 3 venom artilleries. That is quite easy. You have only two alternatives: die or kill them. You find them in the monster group at G13. After that the last (sixth) objective appears: Kill Penthesilea.

8. Now a lenghty and outdrawn battle will ensue. I don’t see a way around it. At level 96 your weapons are quite weak and you will only scratch the boss (Penthesilea). But a lot of scratches will kill her in the end.

Bring resurrection scrolls. While they are expensive you will get way more than their cost out of it, so think of them as investment. You will need them in the boss fights.

An overview of the objectives in this mission:

No objective note
1 Kill 3 Mutated Marksmen Will happen more or less automatically.
2 Go To The Dock Do it with your boat.
3 Kill 3 Devilish Vikings 2 at E4, 2 on island 3.
4 Kill Polites Only kill him when this objective is triggered.
5 Kill 3 Venom Artilleries Happens more or less automatically.
6 Kill Penthesilea final boss fight

A video of my second run (before Spelltower patch):

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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  1. 10.08.2011 14:42

    apologize because i’m always comment your mission descriptions.
    even if you solo, step 2, can be skipped if you make the necessary preparations.

    if you afford to don’t pick up your catapult and build a boat, you can do 2 things.
    first: as you advance till the docks, boat can clear the way till front of first island.
    second and most important, as soon the objective to secure the dock is pop-ed up if you hit the docks with your boat (is not necessary to be a merc), you get the new objective to kill … ( i cannot remember) mobs located on second island. But because “secure docks” objective is pop-ing up soon enough, you have the chance to kill this mobs on main continent (if you are unlucky, you still can kill 2 of them. the third one can be killed on second island if you focus on objective first and not on miniboss.

    this way, skipping step 2 (big orange) you can won ~10 extra minutes.

  2. 10.08.2011 15:27

    I will test it this weekend. But that does not solve the problem with step 3. Do you have a solution for that one, too? I tried to bombard the monsters around Polites with my boat but sadly the cannon mobs have a range similar to my boat. And the AI is quite nasty – Polites retreats and is replaced with the cannon mobs even if I try to outmaneouvre them.

    • nevergreen permalink
      11.08.2011 07:40

      i’m far past this mission, i cannot recall all of it’s aspects, but sharing what i remember.

  3. 10.08.2011 15:58

    Nice…so the reward is the same (well, not the same boxes but the same money) as Fortress Assault but cost/effort is much greater. I will try it anyways, sounds challenging. Thanks for this map.

  4. 10.08.2011 21:09

    Have you heard about kAO treasure chests changes? I hate the word, but it seems Gold Coins are part of the random drop and you can’t choose it.

    • 10.08.2011 23:15

      Yes, I have heard about that. Between you and me: I think it is a good move. It would better though, if they abolished the gold coins altogether (for, say, storm elements or other valuable crafting materials) and if they had limited the rewards for soloists to 50%. As of now we make too much money (at least from a game designer’s perspective, as player I am of course quite happy).

  5. 10.08.2011 22:44

    I tried it with 2 other people, all of us of higher than 90s level and failed. I was (still am) a tbs newbie and they were far worse — didn’t even have cash between them to build more than one boat for example.

    Even so the island 3 was, to me, the obvious problem with the mission (beyond just the fact that messing with boats seemed to take ages – we didn’t even know how to disembark). There’s no partial disembark possible so you can’t hold back a healer. The turn you disembark you are unable to act so the enemy get free hits which they use to wipe you out completely as you say. So basically the only option that appears open to you is to try and shoot things with your one boat before you disembark. However as I recall, there’s nothing to shoot before you trigger their appearance by disembarking? or is that wrong?

    So how did you manage to win at all? Did you disembark, get wiped out but managed to do some damage with the boat before it died? How many boats did you go through before you could disembark without being 100% wiped out? All having to be brought around from the docks of course. No wonder it took 55 minutes.

    And you had to kill off 4 pairs of enemy boats with just one? How long / many boats did that take?

  6. 10.08.2011 23:19

    In my first disembark attempt I was wiped out. Only my boat survived. In the next attempt my main survived, if barely, resurrected the lot, the witch (whose meteor strike was ready, of course) bammed a lot and after that it was basically the typical boss fight with Polites.

    I only needed one boat to take all enemy boats, though. I sethed it and purifyed the seas with it in two steps (first the 4 boats near 2 and then the rest.

    On the Polites island there are the mobs even before disembarking. But if you try to kill them they kill you faster…

  7. nevergreen permalink
    11.08.2011 07:38

    if you disembark at the very first point as you reach the island 3, no mobs will aggro you and have all the time for preparations (rightside lowest point of island)( i dont know if is vorking when u partying, but for soloing it s vorking for sure).
    you dont need to go with the boat to the shore, is enough if you go till the small fence, mercs will disembark anyway (same for embarking, bring boat at the top margin of rightside of siland and embark there; will save some extra time for you)

  8. 12.08.2011 05:37

    Thanks for the tip, nevergreen. I will try it out – may be I can even make a decent (aka helpful) video of this mission.

  9. 12.08.2011 23:32

    I tried landing there and it drew 2 enemy (one cannon, one melee) but did not draw the boss, so that worked out fine. I then killed the boss without disturbing the cannon in the top right of the island.

    I’m still curious about why sometimes mobs are aggro-ed and sometimes not. There seems to be a proximity trigger and a trigger if they are shot, but at other times it looks like there are squads of enemy and if one is triggered then they all are. Also in some circumstances it seems like enemy created by generators are triggered to seek you. Once triggered they seem to figure out a path to reach you but not sure if they actually track you if you’re not there when they arrive. All this AI stuff would be really useful to know if you have any ideas on it. Perhaps you could do an article on it?

  10. 13.08.2011 11:47

    I am not sure myself… I wait for an article until I am ready to post something with at least a bit of substance. But yeah, I share most of your observations:

    1. Preset monsters wait until you get in aggro range (7 squares melee, 8 squares ranged).

    2. Generated monsters behave differently, depending from the mission – some have a specific path in mind (Last Battle: going to horse), some look for you (Hidden Power), some stand around and fiddle their tumbs (Spy Hunt).

    3. Aggroed preset monsters return to their original location after some turns (example: boss room of Fortress Assault).

    4. Most enemy monsters are grouped – when you attack one, you enrage all of the same group.

  11. 15.08.2011 17:39

    The aggro range isn’t that simple. For example based on the only mission I’ve done more than three times, Fortress Assault, when you get to the first gate, there’s two cannon just on the other side of the gate. The one on the left is very aggressive and will open the gate and come after you when you are some distance from the gate although I don’t think it is activated by attacking the 4 troops before the gate, so I don’t think it is in their “squad”. the cannon on the right you can move through the gate and it won’t bother you even though it is only about 4-5 spaces from the gate.

    I believe the AI question is one of the most important questions related to the tbs missions.

  12. Dan permalink
    30.08.2011 11:19

    Just followed the video guide step by step and unfortunately it bugged. The mission didn’t recognise that I’d killed Polites despite me having cleared the TBS. Maybe island 2 needs to be cleared first these days?

  13. 30.08.2011 15:53

    I don’t believe so. The video is quite new. I produced the video the same day I did the run and published it only 1 day later – so it is well after the valk patch.

    Of course you must get the objectives. Did you trigger the Polites objective? That means: did you kill the Devilish Vikings (I think, that’s what they were called)? That should usually be no problem because they linger with Polites around (and on the island 2, but those at Polites’ island are enough).

    I have done the mission at least ten times by now with my alt – the last run was last Sunday….

  14. Dan permalink
    30.08.2011 17:16

    Oh, I just pulled Polites and didn’t bother killing any other monsters on the island. Oops. Shame I wasted some TBS points. Fab guides by the way, thanks for your effort.

  15. 12.09.2011 06:25

    I just made a run on solo squad and failed (ran out of time, got final boss to 75% of hp). Reasons:
    1) I didn’t wipe the enemy boats in paralel while i was fighting my way to the dock
    2) the boat was destroyed 2 times before i could get to the island 3
    3) I think this strategy is not good anymore because there are only 2 devilish vikings on polites island. Maybe you can cut though, go straight to 4 and clean the initial part while still not passing by 2.
    4) I think you can implement a SOID with the boat, that goes like this (for polites fight)
    – Disembark witch
    – MS
    – Go away with boat
    – Skip three turns
    – Go back, disembark oracle, resu and ms again (might put my melee main in the middle so i can tank and the staffs don’t get attacked)
    – Rinse and repeat :P
    Polites falls very fast with these strategy. Penthesilea is a real pain in the ass, we will have to think another strategy.
    I will make another attempt tomorrow, I guess. I don’t know if the prize is now worth it anyways.

  16. 12.09.2011 11:49

    I will make another run with my alt next weekend and look for all these allegedly missing Devilish Vikings :)

  17. 14.09.2011 01:43

    Made another run and finished the mission this time (barely). Reversal is much easier, just worth for the homer quest. There is still one devilish viking missing in polites island :P

  18. Kevin permalink
    15.09.2011 01:59

    Damn it, I failed this TBS because I skipped the 2nd island and killed polites without having the quest for him. You should fix that part Claudia, having to waste 10 tbs points on this for lv130 upgrade is annoying as is :(

  19. 15.09.2011 15:06

    Yeah, I will do a new run with my alt on this weekend, record it and if anything has changed (like less devilish vikings) I will replace the current video. And I will work over the guide as well.

  20. 17.09.2011 11:46

    Nothing has changed. The mission works as usual (and shown in my video). I have clarified the sequence of the objectives in this mission more in depth, though. I hope that helps. The map is slightly edited (one more trap near Penthesilea detected). While I have actually made a video about my test run I won’t upload it because there is nothing new to be seen.

  21. Kevin permalink
    17.09.2011 15:38

    Ah, I see. I killed those mobs in D4 before getting the objectives to kill them, ignored island 2 and went straight for 3. Epic fail >.<

  22. Karlthegreat permalink
    19.09.2011 19:24

    There is a net trap on the first island. You might want to mark it in your map for people who want all the kills. Also if you run a seth strategy on boats, the first island is quite nice to refill the seth on the boats when you’re done with the mobs on that island. That way you will still have seth on the second island.

  23. Irfan Wanata permalink
    11.10.2011 05:08

    hi, i’m from indonesia server, we dont have spelltower patch here (yet), so the problem is, when i drop my team on 3, mobs will attack n kill my team before i even get a chance to move, any idea how i keep them alive until my flame blow is on?

  24. 11.10.2011 07:53

    See my video – it was made before Spelltower patch.

  25. d3kozy permalink
    07.02.2012 07:08

    there are net trap in K5

  26. xKaikaix permalink
    04.05.2012 01:23

    Yes, u can skip the seconded island.. what u do is.. kill marksmen at e3 then the obj will pop up saying secure docks.. if u built ur boat at the beg.. if will already be there.. that will be done all thats left is killing the vikings on the same island.. after that u can go straight to the mini boss. i do it every week.. just to get the quest done for the weekly box saves alot of time

  27. Joshua Klimek permalink
    16.05.2012 17:10

    I’m not sure if someone actually corrected you, DB… But, you can partially disembark by selected the ship and clicking singularly on the mercenarys aboard only dropping off who you want. I have man times dropped of my aoer’s and left my oracle on the ship to res them and finish the aggro on the following round.

  28. 17.05.2013 21:27

    Thank you for your tutorial man, without your help I couldn’t do it well. I play in Latin AO, and our tbs are a little different. I think we have more mobs, but beyond that its the same. I never wanted to do tbs because I think isnt so fun as the other mission, but tbs its a must when you are poor $_$ Im spearman, son my methods had to change a little. I follow the same steps that you gave me, but I try to call de attention with the main and quickly run to where my witch and catapult is xD

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