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Trap Map: The Enemy Advisor (with video)


“The Enemy Advisor” is Pang Tong. He tries to convince Cao Cao that it would be a good idea to tie all his ships together. The army of Cao Cao consists only of land rats. So the reasoning of Pang Tong is that tied-together ships wouldn’t sway so much and are all in all more similar to land than normal ships with “argh-y”, “mate-y” and “aye-aye-y” sailors on them. Clever plan but of course a ruse. Behind this ruse: our beloved fan waver Zhuge Liang. His point is not so much the welfare of Cao Cao’s soldiers but the inflammability of the ships. Ships tied together are better to burn down.

Now it is not a surprise that Pang Tong’s advance in this mission will be hindered by generals cleverer than Cao Cao himself. And that is where you will come in.

Name The Enemy Advisor
Minimum level 115
Maximum number of participants 3
Size of a party main + 3
Time limit 60 minutes
Total number of vehicles allowed 1
Entry fee 4 M
Total upgrade cost 7 M (after Spelltower patch)
Catapult cost 3 M
Reward 6 x Commander’s Loot (60 Atlantica Gold Coins)
XP victory bonus 320 M

This mission would be ok if there wasn’t one big problem: The secret suicide wish of Pang Tong. Compare it to Xiao Qiao: While she is satisfied to hack at a wooden stockade now and then, Pang Tong knows nothing better than to run to a group of siege engines and bask in the flames of their fiery shots. Add to it that Pang Tong is quite squishy (unlike Xiao Qiao) and you are left with a mission on the same difficulty level as Xiao Qiao’s Escort (and a higher level than Spy Hunt) but with very mediocre rewards.

To manage that it is wise to give Pang Tong something harmless to do. Let one infantry monster live, for example. They can fight it out in a harmless brawl while you do the big, important, manly things like destroying summon portals or killing bosses. Fritz, my musician main, can manage that now without fail.

Otherwise the mission is straight forward. It wouldn’t be if not Pang Tong dictates it. If you don’t keep up with him he is dead in no time and – you guessed it already – you have lost.

There is one summon portal which you should destroy over the wall. If you have no cannon main your catapult has to do the work. And when you come into the big field (E-I 7-10) before the boss area be warned: there are a lot, lot, lot of monsters. Have fun.

Here the video of my run with Fritz, then lvl 118 musician main:

Claudiana, my staff main, did this mission, too:

And here links to my exploration run with Claudia, cannon main, overlevelled and overgeared:

Part1, part 2 and part 3.

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  1. 19.09.2011 06:03

    is this post misplaced? it’s not on the mission maps but miscellanous :D

  2. 19.09.2011 12:49

    Yes, you’re right. Sorry, I corrected it.

  3. Demera permalink
    05.12.2011 23:16

    This is quite a difficult mission. Did it at 120 with staff main, witch, oracle and jani. Monsters are difficult to kill, they do a lot of damage and are everywhere. I didnt find any problems regarding the mob you have to guard, despite being squishy, he just keep attacking the barricades and thus arent harmed.

    Spy hunt seemed easier than this mission.

  4. 05.12.2011 23:37

    Fritz didn’t have real problems in lvl 118…

  5. Demera permalink
    08.12.2011 21:07

    Ah yea… The NPC with full health just got 1 turned by the first boss :( Were no monsters around… heh

  6. 10.12.2011 12:55

    In such cases draw aggro. Go with one merc you are ready to sacrifice near boss and spam a scroll. I call it a lamb (as in sacrificial lamb). This lamb has to keep a distance to the NPC, though, so that eventual aoes and such do not hit the NPC together with your lamb. This works most of the cases and in the mission “Journey Home” (Africian mission) it is nearly mandatory.

  7. sidney permalink
    19.12.2011 05:27

    i found another burn trap in e10

  8. 19.12.2011 08:48

    Wow – I never thought that anyone would move there :) I will try to verify it as soon as I unearth Fritz again (after the Christmas craze).

  9. GuitarMain permalink
    04.01.2012 21:42

    So basically, this is the design where you have to move like Heart of Troy? And you will have to fight monster thru wall? (staff M)

    is it possible for a staffM to solo this at lvl 115? i heard staff main is suck when comes to tbs later on…. :((.

    p/s: i heard Gun main and Bow main can do TBS just as good if they’re well geared, heck, All main can solo TBS if they’re well geared aren’t they? :) but please be specific on Gun main about TBS, my friend really is concerned about GunM

  10. 04.01.2012 21:59

    It is a bit similar to Heart Of Troy: there are walls to fight over (and cannon mobs to kill beyond the walls) and a big open space with uglies before the boss. But only the first group of cannon monsters in EA is really a threat (at about G4). And as you can see in the video, even musician mains can easily do that mission. For non-cannon mains the developers have invented catapults :)

    I think when a musician main with a crappy debuff and a dot-aoe (where the time aspect is useless) can solo it, a staff main should have an even easier time.

    Bow Mains have later very nice special skills and talents. I am pretty sure that they are number 3 now because of that, especially in higher levels, when they have hwarang’s aura and the attack bonus for the whole formation.

    I am also sure that a gun main can do TBS at least as good as musician mains. I mean, a gun main actually does decent damage, that is a big difference to a musician main.

  11. FantomFang permalink
    07.01.2012 05:07

    So I finally was able to complete this mission (last try my internet cut out and failed me) and I gotta say, easier than I expected. Actually was a very fun mission to play – not too many pressing objectives, just pressing forward at a decent pace and slaughtering all in your path.

    Gears aren’t anything fantastic either, aside from a +7 event nix saw and gun for my Main/Janissary. Witch was golden here though for some of the mob groupings later on. Meteor Strike + Chainsaw Blade + Cata would take out about half of the giant groups near the end, and since main could easily soak a full round of attack it was simple to revive the almost certainly dead witch and whittle it down to a couple left before they could get a more damaging turn (IE attacking cata, jani, etc.)

    All in all, would definately run again, if for nothing else than I didn’t feel that pressed time-wise or at a technical level.

    PSaw 117, Witch 112, Oracle 111, Janissary 113
    Mostly Divine + Darkest Night gear, with a couple of notable nix event weapons

  12. Ixidor permalink
    26.01.2012 14:36

    Which Equip do you use in the video? Because your mercs seems to resist very well to mobs’attacks!

  13. 27.01.2012 22:19

    Watch the video. The equipment is shown in the first minute.

  14. VanAndrez permalink
    19.03.2012 13:16

    this morning after i watch this awesome video I failed this TBS run… :(

    why I failed? forgot to start the third material training,, and damn I forgot to make a catapult machine,

    I tried to remember everything that this video told,,, but it was my firs run,, hope next will be better,,

    nice blog Claudia \twink

  15. WiLLyHuang permalink
    26.03.2012 05:13

    i’ve failed this mission twice because of pang tong, the reason is the cut scene before engage xiahou dun. Before the cut scene, pang tong stay far behind the line destroy stockade, but the problem is when the cut scene appear, he automatically rush forward the enemy mobs and being badly slaughtered to death. I’ve no idea how he can rush forward automatically after the cut scene appear, any advice?

  16. Eoyin permalink
    17.07.2012 10:01

    maaybe this was asked before but i cant find it.

    Since u record with fraps (?) u paid for it right?
    Or How can u record more then 30 sec

  17. 17.07.2012 19:33

    Yes, I paid for it.

  18. gogo permalink
    23.07.2012 06:27

    can u tell me how can u leveling up claudiana so fast.?

  19. 23.07.2012 23:28

    I use all TBS points and do the missions. And when our guild does training center, she goes with Claudia, my level 150 main (but sadly, we don’t have TC that often).

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