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Trap Map: Reclaiming Alishan (with video)

Name Reclaiming Alishan
Minimum level 115
Maximum number of participants 3
Size of a party main + 3
Time limit 60 minutes
Total number of vehicles allowed 1
Entry fee 4 M
Training 1 0.8 M (10% att, 10% def, spd+1)
Training 2 1.1 M (10% att, 10% def, sight+1)
Training 3 1.4 M (10% att, 10% def, spd+1)
Training 4 1.7 M (10% att, 10% def, spd+1, sight+1)
Training 5 2 M (20% att, 20% def, range+1)
Catapult cost 5 M
Reward 6 x Alishan’s Great Shaman’s Loot (60 gold coins)
XP victory bonus 325 M

This mission contains no summon portal, yay! Your task: Kill the Tiger Lady. There are only two caveats (besides the traps):

1. Try to kill the mystic stones. Especially the one in O2 because you will most probably fighting the monsters near that mystic stone. Sneak to it with your catapult.

2. The boss will summon some new monsters at a certain point. It seems to be triggered if you come near enough to the stairs of the plateau where the Tiger Lady resides.

Otherwise it is a simple case of moving forward and kill all.

Here is a video of a run with my alt character, Fritz, then in level 117:

And here is a video of my staff main, Claudiana, then in level 116. This video is not commented. If you want comments stick to the Fritz video above.

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  1. bob permalink
    11.09.2011 16:44

    She sends out waves of minions after a set number of turns. After about 5 waves, she never sends any more.

  2. 11.09.2011 17:40

    Ah, ok… may be I am a bit too overgeared. She does not have five turns time when I confront her…

  3. Mars permalink
    13.09.2011 10:58

    she cant’s leave her seat from east side stages

  4. Simp permalink
    14.09.2011 22:59

    As bob said, after some rounds and after killing the first 3 mobs, she sends the first wave that they need arround 4 turns to come to you, next round she sends another and this repeats arround 4 times, i only get in trouble when (for some reason i dont know yet) instead of 4, i face 8 of the tree mobs at once.

  5. 15.09.2011 15:12

    Thanks, that is very helpful. If I ever do this mission again (and I will only do so with my alt which is still at level 98 at the moment) I will try to prolong the battle so that I can experience all the waves myself. In my runs with my main character (level 140) the boss gave her life after two shots and thus wasn’t able to entertain my merry band to the fullest.

  6. Rosey permalink
    17.10.2011 07:06

    In one of my runs, funny thing happened when i position my Druid just in front of the stairs of boss place. The boss seemed to be stuck and couldn’t get out, so easy kill on that one.

    But on another run, when I tried to block her again, boss got out of the right side (1st mystic stone location) which apparently another way out for her. probably she also could get out on other side.

  7. 17.10.2011 15:56

    I am still levelling up Fritz, my alt. He is now at 108. Soon I will be able to experience the level 110 missions as they are meant to be and soon after I hope to be able to make a video about this mission as well. I will pay special attention to the boss’ behaviour then.

    Update 2011-11-06: Fritz is now lvl 116. I have run this mission three times now. Very easy – except the boss fight, but even that is quite doable. I try to make a video but I have technical problems to do so. The burning animations of flaming arrows, flame traps, meteor strike etc. seem to consume so much memory that – if FRAPS, my video capturing software, runs at the same time – AO starts to lag incredibly. And that with all graphic options at the lowest. But I continue to try.

    Update 2011-11-13: Finally! This time Atlantica didn’t lag and the video is now online.

  8. Sharmee permalink
    14.11.2011 06:38

    how did you levelling you alt? i was amazed all your mercenaries has the same level. i did levelling my alt, and my mercenaries’ level goes far behind my main.

    and about the video, are you still using freezing gear on your toons?

  9. 14.11.2011 09:17

    I run nearly exclusively TBS missions. I only did the level cap quests. Then I did the Nvik quest and Momotaro over and over again. I started the lvl 100 upgrade quest but have not yet finished it.

    And my gear is now a lot better – but it all paid by Fritz. He became already stinking rich because of the mission rewards.

  10. Karlthegreat permalink
    21.11.2011 16:10

    One thing on Alishan: the mobs are always placed a little bit differently, unlike for Troy and 3K. It’s very obvious on the first set of mobs. Sometimes they’re in the corner, sometimes they’re in the gap between the barricades, sometimes they’re spread around, etc.

  11. Demera permalink
    02.12.2011 12:56

    Pay attention to the trap map while doing the mission. Those traps are naughty, if you miss one of them, you might end up loosing the mission.

  12. Alex permalink
    19.12.2011 04:59

    question :the chainsawblade of sawmain is 3×3 only in tbs or it can be upgrade to 5×5 too?

  13. 19.12.2011 08:48

    Sorry, I haven’t played a saw main yet. Don’t know anything about his skills.

  14. FantomFang permalink
    01.01.2012 18:07

    The Saw Main upgrades his AoE to 5×5 after the lvl 120 upgrade quest.

  15. Yvitini permalink
    09.01.2012 02:32

    I tried this one when I just hit 115. After 3 failures (the 5th wave of trees got me), someone told me of another way to tackle this mission.

    Kill the mobs with the mercs while leaving the catapult at the start, and not moving the cata until the 4th-5th set of waves are over. That way if the squad does die, the cata stays alive and the mission is saved (for now). After the waves it’s just push forward and kill the tiger heifer, which was a lot easier than the damn trees.

    Also, the last wave is “doubled”–3 in one set, 4 in another.

  16. andreas permalink
    09.02.2012 03:59

    I think that the boss is summoning more monster in certain period its like every 5 turn cmiiw, and it will end before the first 20 minutes, not like the summon portal once will never end

  17. Sko permalink
    13.02.2012 00:47

    This is really easy for a low mighter. Just move forward till you get to the last set of baracades. Do not get ahead of yourself. Instead wait for all her rounds of trees to come at you. They will come at you in nice cross patterns. Then you can shoot them over the barricades with your sethed canon main and sethed catapult. Good bye trees.

    Another tip that I use. When facing the boss, clear out any other mobs first. Be sure not to aggro the boss. Then kill the stones. Still do not aggro the boss. Finally move your characters to the back. Have only your gunner run up the left side, and shoot the boss on the left from maximum distance. If done correctly, the boss will not attack, even though you are shooting her. Shoot the boss until she is dead.

  18. VanAndrez permalink
    18.03.2012 20:28

    One thing that I always do with this Tiger Woman is, to make her away from mystiq stone,
    first., destroy the right side mystiq stone and then when the Boss fight me, I keep my Main (sowrdM) stick with her, and move away from her liltle by litle when I got CE turn to the right side where I had destroyed the mystiq stone , when she is not under her left mystiq stone Buff, it is so easy to kill her :D
    with my sherif,vampire and witch waiting a few box nearby :D

    *sorry for my bad english

  19. 09.04.2012 09:16

    Pls make a new video for lvl 115 Alishan TBS pls because i cant do it no matter how many times i watch the video!

  20. 09.04.2012 21:54

    Sorry, but a new video won’t help you then, I am afraid. This video was made with a level 117 character – barely above the minimum level required. That should be instructive enough.

    Where are your problems exactly?

  21. gogo permalink
    20.04.2012 04:43

    thank for the video.I can do this tbs with my 115 staff main.

  22. jrcr123 permalink
    23.04.2012 08:22

    i have 3 questions i have just turnd lv 110 did ash and cant wait 4 115 i usualy bring puni 2 +3 tbs’s ( i know they suk 4 tbs but the only range i have is prof ) i had a warning to take ele to 110 and workd out well so 1) im wondring how many meles there r in 115 *especialy boss* 2) im uberly geard being a psaw main i haev mount deco 48k dfence and 8k atk(main) my my mercs r verry well geard 2 for a total of +1m might at lv 110 so im wondring if the char u used 4 this 1 was uberly geard and wat his buffs were and if u think id befine with the gears i have now ( the hilights being +6 div psaw +6 freezing psaw +5 div heavy a. and +6 freezing armor( main puni ) and my staffs have +2-4 freezing and div orb and stafs with + 7 adn 8 dragon breath robes ) i am good at tbs and know wat im doing so do u think i can solo it with out tital feast or BL / pot ( i know u cant know 4 sure ) bacicly how heavly will i have to prepair is wat im asking thanks agen :)

  23. 23.04.2012 18:32

    Fritz has even now about 890 k might, so not as well geared as yours. The danger is from the four waves of tree monsters, and they are fortunately all melee. An elementalist would help there quite well. For the boss – simply watch the video…

  24. jrcr123 permalink
    24.04.2012 09:05

    ok thats great, thanks just 3 more questions to make sure
    1) wat lv is fritz now ( when he has the 890k mentiond above?)
    2) how much might did he have when u made this vidio?(at lv 117)
    3) wat preperations did u have if u can remember ( i didnt see u say ur usual disclosure )… just so i can get an idea of how much id need to prepair

  25. 24.04.2012 19:08

    1. Level 120. He did not pass the upgrade quest yet, though.
    2. 878.995 – it is shown in the video.
    3. Blessing potion, guild feast, afternoon tea party, Patriot title.

  26. 08.05.2012 03:40

    just did may first run on this one, i’m still 115, my witch is 101, my janis is 102, and my shaman (yes shaman, she’s independent now) was 104, my eq? it’s embarrassing :D

    this mission is real gold mine for my lvl, love it
    thanks claudia

  27. jrcr123 permalink
    10.05.2012 19:42

    115 (FINALY!!!) im planing to do this latr today (maint -.-) and i have a question …agenXD

    can ur “soid” usualy kill the tree mobs alone?or do they need a extra little push caz i have B.E. metior insted of R.M. and metior i asume thats more damige than urs( there both maxed with +1 shimering opal necklaces + grade 2 charms) and if i need, a chainsaw blades would put them ovr the top… 3×3 … cant wait 4 lv 120 5×5!!!

  28. jrcr123 permalink
    10.05.2012 20:05

    i think somthing that would be VERRRRRRRY usefull is a screan shot of a triger line ( like u do for traps) for where the boss is agrod and 1 squar back where she isnt
    eather that or investagating and just telling us how many squars to stand away i usualy fight bosses in th efolowing form ( or trap them in a area (ie the stairs in alishan110)) (b = bosses squars o= ora e= ele m=main w= witch



    this way he cant atack my healer i can res 1 merc evry turn and have 3 atackers per turn … ay coments???

    i think its best to get boss 1v1 ( if u can ) and resttrict his movement so ur in control

    even when i CAN ataack with ora caz nobodys dead i dont so boss dosnt atack her i usualy elixer heal or [aass thnx:)

  29. jrcr123 permalink
    10.05.2012 20:06


    ……..o ( didnt come out right with spaces)

  30. jrcr123 permalink
    21.05.2012 05:57

    im lv 117 and have nevr EVR EEEEEEVR got a nix box for a drop i do lv 115 scerm and this tbs wich my guildie said should drop them 1ce evry 3-5 times…am i just REAAAAAAAAAALY unlucky or was he rong??? feed back plz???

    ps i do hi lv pve scermishes tbs voo ygg training center(the new ahd improved lv ajusting forms) and the closest thing i have goten is the measly nix feather which evr cince mart ‘s unification through out all servers has droped-.- ive got divine boxes just not nix-.-

    btw im emvius of ur drop in brc ( the 2x nix boxes )

    • jrcr123 permalink
      21.05.2012 06:09

      i do all those i mentiond a TON never failed the tbs’s ( solo squad ) and ~95% of the gd’s and nd’s were won (4 – 5 gd/nd’s a week combined) and have goten to training center lv 5 and 6 evry time evry day … but it just came out so we r gana get betr just so u know how many opertunitys i got but nevr enterprised onXD

  31. 21.05.2012 06:03

    You are unlucky :(

  32. jrcr123 permalink
    21.05.2012 06:09

    so u do get them in those
    particularly the tbs

    • jrcr123 permalink
      21.05.2012 06:12

      quick response XD thnx

  33. 02.07.2012 09:09

    what grade your equipment?
    and what equipment do you use?
    i am newbie

  34. 02.07.2012 19:26

    Sorry, I don’t remember anymore. In my newer videos I start with disclosing my equipment but this video does not contain that. Again, I am sorry. It was good gear but not outstanding – Fritz has paid all for himself without help from Claudia, my level 150 main.

  35. Devouring permalink
    18.07.2012 23:03

    Is there anything special at final boss? Killed all mobs, both mystic stones, boss was at about 10% and with ~40min left the boss killed my main and the mission failed (all my 3 mercs I took for mission were alive, and lost the catapult like 2 rounds before the main died).

    • Devouring permalink
      18.07.2012 23:47

      Nvm, seems i missed a mob somehow, on the last group of mobs boss summons one is a bit off and gets out of sight fast and got to my base. My bad I guess.

  36. Laplace ( Delphi) permalink
    31.07.2012 10:08

    I do this mission the 31/07/12 for Lin Moniang quest line ( lvl 121 req.).
    Ihad the cut scene in time but no mob come for me . Even worse they were all sitting with boss ( whomoved TT) between the 2 MS…
    Some one can confirm if this is normal now or if it’s just a little bug ( like going too fast to boss, i’m lvl 127 now ^^’ )

  37. 01.08.2012 08:27

    When the cut-scene ensues the tree monsters spawn. Then they move in direction of your base. So, if you are not in the boss area, it takes a while until you encounter the monsters.

    That the boss moves prematurely has never happened to me. Sure that you didn’t aggro her accidentally while taking out mystic stones?

    After the last cut scene the monsters spawn in two groups (4 and 3). Only the 3 group goes for your base, the other four seem to wait until they get slaughtered. But I am not totally sure about it because when that cut scene comes I am usually already in the boss area.

    • Laplace ( Delphi) permalink
      01.08.2012 10:01

      I’m sure i don’t aggro the boss : i couldn’t even attack the MS because of the sheer number of mob & the boss being out already :/

      For the mob, the first wave comes before all the waves are spammed but in this run, no tree before boss area.

      Fot the last waves, in my previous runs, the 7 mobs moved toward base, with 1 turn delay.
      And like you i was in the boss area for the last spam, ( well they spammed just after i slaughtered the other mob …)

      The problem was that no tree ever march toward base …
      I ll try this mission again after TBS pts reset thusdays.

  38. DemyxMK2 (Macedon) permalink
    24.08.2012 02:19

    I ran it yesterday and found a flame trap right behind the blockade on F5. figured i would skip a few mobs by tearing though the blockades. You can add if you want.

  39. 29.10.2012 06:56


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