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(No) Trap Map: Majapahit 75 (Rakrian Kuti’s Rebellion)

Name Rakrian Kuti’s Rebellion
Minimum level 75
Maximum number of participants 3
Size of a party main + 1
Time limit 60 min
Total number of vehicles allowed none
Entry fee 0.8 M
Total upgrade cost 0.45 M
Catapult cost ./.
Reward 2 x Majapahit’s Empire Treasure (“2×20 silver coins”)
XP victory bonus 147 M

The King is dead. Oh, wait! Not yet! And your task is to prolong the royal life even longer. There are rebels who want democracy and human rights and kill the King and we can’t have that. So you guard the royal person until he reaches the safe haven in the South of the map.

This is a very easy mission if you have a witch (and a staff main, though every main can do it).

Only one mercenary is allowed. There are no vehicles. There are no traps. But you have a NPC to guard, and boy! He is a weak one!

The strategy is simple though: Press forward. If you dawdle the King gets captured, democracy and such ugly things would break out and rebels would eat all little cute children.

At the start you have two choices: go left or forward. I tried going left twice and failed both times because the prosecutor is too fast then. Moving straight forward though works nicely as shown in the video.

There is only one critical moment – and it is not critical at all if you pay attention. That is when the King reaches D6. You have already killed the monsters before the gate. But the King’s arrival will spawn 5 enemies grouping directly around the King. Meteor-strike or evanascent-scud them away. The critical point is that there are confusing messages from the NPC announcer (the guy who appears unconveniently during the mission and disturb your flow with announcing new objectives). Because the King moves first, you have still your two toons to move and help him. You get no double turn though. Wait patiently until the announcer spoke his piece and then move your aoe-toon(s) or whatever to eliminate the threat. The King is not very sturdy, he won’t survive a coordinated attack by the enemy group.

If you need longer than five minutes you have done something wrong – it is THAT fast.

Here a video starring Claudiana, staff main, level 95:

9 Comments leave one →
  1. 01.06.2012 07:31

    main melee’s AOE skill could work?
    witch needs lv80?

    bag for answers,please :)

    • 01.06.2012 17:27

      Because Evanascence Scud works I assume that witch with meteor strike level 60 is enough to kill all.

  2. alfikri5 permalink
    01.06.2012 09:55

    Is this mission worth to do? -_- i mean the reward is even lower than scouting party… Is there quest that makes this tbs worth to do?

    Seriously. I hope new tbs is harder and challanging. Because I’m from indonesia…. Yep i kinda wait for this.

    Oh. And do you have plan to change oracle with Roro? Roro have better stats and better seth will than oracle.

    More Majapahit videos please!! ^-^

  3. steve permalink
    01.06.2012 13:53

    Tas rubbish, used 10 tbs points, followed the guide, killed the first mob of nasties to appear with witch, up popped the message about being pursued, before that message even left the screen and I could do anything another popped up about being caught by the rebels and death, game over, like all my opinions of escort mission that was complete rubbish, won’t be doing it again ever likely.

  4. Senex permalink
    01.06.2012 15:06

    There is a quest that autoresets for it – I am at work so cant check how often – the guy gives it just next to the one that starts the tbs.

    this is the worst of the three – lol i actually failed it first because cannon main cannot keep up at all – considering this TBS line’s upgrades dont ever upgrade your movement speed (glorious)

    A fast merc can ecven scroll the mobs so i doubt level 80 meteor would be a prequisite. but DO take something fast witch si actually a fine advice. if you go with scrolls a tarkan is cool too…

    no it doenst worth it on its own but not considering that you have to rush like hell this is a very very fast and easy tbs – and with quest it will help low levels to adwance – at level 75 you cant really access anything else but level 50 and level 60 troy and this is easier…

    if you are much higher – it doesnt worth obviously it is not for you. reason why level 140 doesnt do fleeing betrayer even though its one of the best for level 105-115 people…

  5. 15.06.2012 16:14

    Did this three times last night as lvl 75 CannonM + lvl 70 Witch. Failed the first time since CannonM moves slow and witch and king got ahead. At the final battle CannonM was too far behind to save the witch, who got focus’d and king died with a few slaps. Next times I purposely kept witch only even with king instead of racing ahead, CannonM was close enough to help and led to victory.

  6. 23.09.2012 10:08

    i should underline that the semi-critical point is not at D6 but C11, if you move before your king, you fail this mission, my witch killed mobs before king moved and got caught by inquisitor

  7. crap permalink
    29.09.2012 04:19

    I meteor’ed the group at the gate… Then failed… meteor cooldown as the king reached the last group. Can’t he WAIT?!

  8. 29.10.2012 03:33

    I did this blindly on my level 79 cannonM. That king sucks 10 kinds of ass, and since I’m anti-escort missions to begin with (remember–blind run; had I known it was an escort mission, I woulda been like forget it). It was going fine until the last set of mobs and then king decided to go emo and shit and kill himself.


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