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(No) Trap Map: Majapahit 95 (Sumpah Palapa)

Name Sumpah Palapa
Minimum level 95
Maximum number of participants 3
Size of a party main + 1
Time limit 60 min
Total number of vehicles allowed none
Entry fee 2 M
Total upgrade cost 0.45 M
Catapult cost ./.
Reward 6 x Majapahit’s Empire Treasure (“6×20 silver coins”)
XP victory bonus 303 M

This is the third mission of the Majapahit chain of missions. And it is the easiest mission of them all.

Basically you have to kill three groups of monsters (marked “m” in the map) and then the boss, and he isn’t much of a boss.

Before that there is a battle between reinforcements of your side and the enemy. You can help, but you don’t have to. All you have to do is to raise the red and afterwards the blue flag. March forward, strike to the left and to the right as you see fit.

I would like to uncover hidden secrets of this mission but there are none. You can run it naked without any equipment –  I actually tried and succeeded with that. If you have a staff main and a witch, that is. If not you must adapt but I can’t imagine that there is any problem for a level 95 team.

Here is a video (but not of the naked run) with Claudiana, level 96 staff main, and her witch Petrosilia (named after Petrosilius Zwackelmann, a famous German sorceror).

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  1. alfikri5 permalink
    02.06.2012 04:01

    Can you post what is the items in that boxes?

  2. steve permalink
    02.06.2012 04:07

    20+ silver coins or the usual rubbish, these map are only useful for low level players (under 100) keen on maximising their TBS point profit, so rather than repeating homer and using 15+ tbs points they can run these tbs maps as well.

  3. pinkysniffer permalink
    02.06.2012 05:25

    Holy letting people get to level 100 so easy now…. I remember grinding out Constantinople like 10 times

  4. 02.06.2012 08:25

    Yeah, personally I think it is a mistake to make content so easy. You don’t get the satisfaction of achievement, for example when you first manage to solo Fortress Assault as an level 80+ character. This mission is boring even when you run it the first time.

    • alfikri5 permalink
      02.06.2012 19:29

      This mission give very high exp. But i hope there are more challange in it….

  5. pinkysniffer permalink
    02.06.2012 20:59

    Well its good for people with alts I guess.. get to the “money making” tbs missions faster

  6. 03.06.2012 10:06

    The Majapahit’s Empire Box contains one of the following sets of items:

    Ashen Jewel x 20
    Phoenix Jewel x 3
    Giant Jewel x 3
    Dragon Jewel x 3
    Redemption Jewel x 3
    Multi-Hued Soul Crystal x 1
    Large Diamond x 3
    Ancient Skill Book (Merc. only) x 1
    Book Of Expertise x 3
    Mysterious Vial: Valour x 3
    Mysterious Vial: Wisdom x 3
    Mysterious Vial: Death x 3
    Heavenly Crystal x 5
    Conqueror’s Equipment Box x 2
    Freezing Equipment Box x 1
    Divine Equipment Box x 1
    Phoenix’s Equipment Box x 1
    Atlantis Silver Coins x 20
    Atlantis Silver Coins x 50
    Atlantis Silver Coins x 100

    Of course the probabilities of the sets differ from one another. 20 silver coins is very frequent, phoenix’s equipment box I have yet to see.

    • alfikri5 permalink
      03.06.2012 17:59

      Full of trash, especially the jewels. Worth items only coins, Heavenly crystals, and nix equipment box.

      Oh and Claudia, are you don’t update ‘mercs for TBS/PVE’ anymore? I curious about Tarkan. What do you think?

  7. 03.06.2012 18:03

    I have no Tarkan, sadly.

  8. 04.06.2012 02:52

    this is original story form my country, indonesia, i wonder why the didn’t apply it first in its original contry, and it’s sad it’s only for lvl 95 or less

  9. 04.06.2012 05:01

    Yeah, especially because there are nice ideas used in the mission-design.

  10. alfikri5 permalink
    04.06.2012 07:01

    There are some updates before this tbs. That’s why indonesia cant get this patch if indonesia don’t get the previous patch.

  11. 07.06.2012 07:48

    this from indonesian ???

    • alfikri5 permalink
      07.06.2012 15:35

      No. Majapahit tbs is new content from ‘Elements Of War – Incursio’ patch on InterAO.

  12. MLD permalink
    07.07.2012 15:07

    i am lv 103 with all mercs under lv 100 and i got 10mil exp on my main and 5 mil for the mercs so 50mil exp as a reward in total and i did it solo in 3 players mode, so xp is not 303mil, wonder why

    • MLD permalink
      08.07.2012 06:03

      thank you for the heads up, not fair but well this is the system.

  13. yoga permalink
    15.07.2012 08:20

    yes..this is from indonesia.we already votes to determine the original stroryline with ao creator.
    we have original merc to: roro. she is a queen from south beach in sentral java indonesia.

  14. 03.02.2013 12:17

    majapahi from indonesia wow

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