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Trap Map: Fortress Assault (with video link)


Fortress Assault is a Troy mission for level 80+ which you can solo quite easily as long as you have a witch with you. At least I only have tried to solo it that way, with a level 89 main musician, a level 82 oracle and a level 82 witch.

Name Fortress Assault
Minimum level 80
Maximum number of participants 4
Size of a party main + 2 mercenaries
Time limit 60 minutes
Total number of vehicles allowed 1
Entry fee 0.5 M
Total upgrade cost 1 M (after Spelltower patch)
Catapult cost 0.5 M
Reward 12 x Troy Battlefield Chests (“120 Atlantica Silver Coins”)
XP victory bonus 72 M

My way of doing it:

1. Apply the Scheme Of Immediate Doom (SOID) as outlined here. If you don’t want to click on the link I repeat it here a bit abbreviated:

a) Be a coward until your witch is charged.

b) Before she is charged clear the way (get information about what is ahead of you, disarm traps).

c) Move up with your witch and meteor strike all enemies.

d) Rinse and repeat.

2. Take out the summon portal at B7. To do that you must first kill the monstergroup at DE5/6, then move your catapult so that it can barely reach the portal, seth it (the catapult) and destroy it (the portal).

3. You can ignore the summon portal at  B14. The monsters there have a long way until they reach you – chances are they never will or if so, you have ample chances to take care of them.

4. The next big challenge is the Chaotic Minotaur, a mini boss. But before you challenge him in the usual SOID way you have to fight one monster group at B8. In this mission are venom monsters (cannoneers who can poison you and have flapping winglike arms) behind every wall who love nothing more than to molest you after you just exhausted your witch. I noted them as “vm” in the map.

5. Work your way up to E11. You should kill all monsters in this area before you tackle the gate. Be aware that if you kill the monster group before the gate there will probably a rush of additional monsters from the room above. So make that “m” in the map an “mmm” in your mind (like “many, many monsters”). If you have a net trap ready it may be a nice idea to use one shortly before your witch does her meteor strike, to hold the following rush.

6. You will now try to kill Sarpedon, the boss. You do that “over the wall”: You kill all monsters around F12 (the stockade area), while carefully avoiding the group at D13. Then when your witch is charged she will run up to the wall, cast meteor strike on the boss, followed by a ravaging melody from your main (or whatever your main is able to cast), while your healer is far enough away for emergencies. Repeat until the boss is dead. You may be interrupted by monsters which were spawned from the second summon portal and are now finally able to reach you. Don’t haste, you have plenty of time. Destroy them at your leasure. Three meteor strikes will finish the boss eventually.

Here is a small visualization of this strategy (you may click on the maps to enlarge them if you so desire, by the way):

1: Summon Portal.

2: Big bad minotaur.

3. Clean up your parade ground.

4. Kill over the wall.

I tried another strategy on 2011-08-14 which worked like this:

1. Summon Portal.

2. Big bad minotaur (so far as the strategy mentioned above).

3. Sneaking in the “secret” aisle behind the left side wall and destroying the second summon portal.

4. Clearing the boss room from left to right.

5. Killing Sarpedon directly.

Both ways to do it are possible. The second strategy is “cleaner”: you have no summon portals to worry about and you tackle the boss directly. When you are at it there will be no irritating mobs around him. But I still think the first strategy is a bit safer. When I did my runs with the first strategy only twice a pair of monsters from the summon portal trickled through each run. On the other hand you avoid to tackle the boss and the masses of monsters in the boss room. They can pester you quite severely if you even slip once and the boss can do that even if yo don’t do anything wrong. Killing over the wall, while sneaky, cowardly and unfair, spares you the direct confrontation with the boss and leaves a bit margin for mistakes.

Hint: Now, you being able to do 3 TBS missions (Scouting Party, Base Defense, Fortress Assault), you should take Homer’s First Phase quest. If you don’t know what I am talking about read about record keeping here.

Here is a video I made from my fourth solo run with my (then) level 89 musician main, an oracle in level 83 and a witch which I pushed to level 90 already:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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  1. eyeliner permalink
    22.06.2011 15:40

    This mission can be soloed fairly simply with a 102 Witch, Main + Oracle. I don’t build catapults as I found out you can do fine without them here.

    Witch clears the mobs with Oracle in the limit of her heal (Witch must live). Main can be left in the back for the most part so if things get a turn for the worse, your team won’t be wiped.

    Clearing the summon gates makes for a very easy mission.

    The boss is the easiest, as the long range of Meteor can take him over the wall and you can be away from him without suffering a blast from his AOE. Jst skip turns, fire Meteor and in not time you’ll complete this.

  2. 07.08.2011 03:43

    Nice map! Today i got my witch and tried this run with a friend but we still have some points to tune to make it succesfully (like not getting distracting phone calls in the middle). Anyways, reading the ingame help it says that the victory experience is distributed according the contribution in battle.

  3. 01.09.2011 05:15

    The solo reward for this mission are only 2 boxes :S sad

    • 03.09.2011 11:14

      Yes because the formula is: squad reward divided by maximum number of participants minus one. In this case: 12 : 4 – 1 = 2

  4. Anonymouse permalink
    02.09.2011 11:52

    Although I have reservations about the approach in the video(I can’t even afford 1 slipup) I should thank Claudia for providing a detailed guide and updating the strategy. I have 400Kish might and I take Music Main(60 RM) + Shaman(40 Brutal+Was poor to get Oracle) and Witch(100 and all upgrades+Charm+Meteor 60+Drgaon Staff +3). Music main helps a lot in debuffing so my witch can 1 hit the mobs. Destroying the Summon portal at A-14 is the way for weak peopel like me because any mob out of sync and you are dead meat. Also, I would like to share my final merc placements when fighting Sarpedon. My witch and Main will be blocking at F12 and Shaman will be at positioned at G12. Only an archer can wipe out my party in these circumstances, but since I destroyed the Summon Portal already I need not worry about anything. Sarpedon kills, ressurect with Shaman and keep attacking. Shamans heal range is 4 squares and Sarpedon’s AOE range won’t hit Shaman. Also, if you plan to fight over the wall, after destroying SP2 trace your way back to MiniBoss spot. Monsters between A(12,13) to E(12,13) behave erratically with sometimes reinforcements coming from either side of the gates. On a side note, it wouldn’t allow upgrades during double turn. Thanks to this guide I am making 150M per week from TBS. I barely used to make 50M from grinding.

    PS: Fritz is being a ma meanie in FL >.<.

  5. 12.09.2011 05:05

    Hey, today i squad solo this tbs mission with my lvl 110 main sword + lvl 103 witch + lvl 106 oracle. It was way too easy. I’ve done it before in this mode, but couldn’t finish before recent patch. My toons only died three times, witch ms ripped almost everything apart (before it left the mobs with some hp and it was a disaster since i didn’t have another aoe to finish them). Chaos edge at lvl 20 is making 14k dmg. I was using Holy Knight title, no feast buff, with Blessing Licence. The guard/bait thing with melees make things easier. I think the traps are just the same, didn’t step on any new. In this map at least, we don’t have the chance to use the training center, just basic materials. That made upgrading fast and cheap. Cata price is the same. The 12 boxes gave me about 9 times 10 silver coins, 2 times 20 silver coins and 2 phoenix jewels. I will try to tackle now warrior’s honor and up to see what’s the best i can do. Then I will post in those guides. I want to thank you for this maps, I found them very useful. Fidim from Sikyon.

  6. Anonymouse permalink
    22.09.2011 11:43

    Anybody knows about this ‘Sarpedon Rush’, since the latest ‘spell tower’ patch and like what triggers it. Sarpedon presents himself at Gate1(7D) soon after you finish the mobs there and you just get the ‘Kill Mutated Archer (2)’ objective. So if you kill Sarpedon, its ‘Bye Bye reward’.

  7. 22.09.2011 15:18

    Oh, wow – haven’t experienced that one yet, in spite of doing FA every week for Homer’s Phase 1 with my alt. Did you do anything special (with other words: where did you do it in another way than described in my article)?

  8. Anonymouse permalink
    23.09.2011 17:17

    Apart from Skipping the dialogue I’m not doing anything different. And I didn’t see Sarpedon for some 5 runs and suddenly he was again at Gate 1 yesterday. It just happens.
    First run after spell tower patch –
    Subsequent runs –

  9. Guest permalink
    27.09.2011 08:26

    I have the same Sarpedon rush yesterday. While i try to destroy the first summon portal Sarpedon attack me

  10. Anonymouse permalink
    06.10.2011 09:10

    I have figured out the reason for Sarpedon rush, but it is dependent on the spawn mob’s behavior and hence cannot be replicated as needed. This is a silent acknowledgement from the game developers – ‘bosses in Fortress Assault and Saving Helen won’t spawn until the other objectives are complete’ . Link –

  11. 06.10.2011 12:27

    I still haven’t experienced this rush. By the way you will get the objective “Kill Sarpedon” very quickly. The last objective before that can be completed if you let the summon portal spawn the right monster(s).

  12. FantomFang permalink
    01.12.2011 23:32

    I just experienced the rush after doing this mission almost a dozen times. Was on the mutated marksmen objective, prepping to nuke the group to finish it (right before the mini) when he arrived. I managed to nuke the mob and get the objective to kill sarpedon but I got wiped – thankfully I had managed to get a new cata just in time. From there, two turns later he was at my base and I just beat him down there for my fastest FA time ever lol

    • FantomFang permalink
      02.12.2011 08:32

      For reference, if you’re interested, I’d done the mission about as fast as physically possible turn-wise up until the point I saw him – Witch meteor striked the 1st group on the first turn it was up, and did the same for the second group if I recall correctly, destroying the portal in the time between. And I saw Sarpedon before her Meteor Strike was fully up (and eventually ended up being the reason I nearly wiped – thank god the cata respawned before we all died). I have no idea what could’ve possibly triggered it though, as it was same as usual run.

  13. ChaoticYam permalink
    16.06.2012 07:23

    I managed to solo this with a lvl 85 archer main, lvl 75 witch, and lvl 40 oracle. It was difficult, and I had to use 7 resurrection scrolls, 5 catapults and won with 1:50 on the clock, but I made it thanks to your guide. For that I thank you.

  14. 27.10.2012 02:54

    beat in 10 min T_T

  15. Mukhsin permalink
    08.08.2013 05:35

    Thank’s for the Article Very helpful :)

    *Sory for the bad english I’m From Indonesia

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